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  • Choosing The Perfect Ring  By : Lesley-Ann Graham
    Choosing a ring isn’t really as simple as pointing to the one in the
    window that looks prettiest. Jewelry, especially a diamond is a major
    investment just like buying a house or a car.
  • Was Your Weddingdress White?  By : J Schipper -
    Wedding gowns have not always been elaborate white gowns, as many are today. This custom started with Queen Victoria's choice of a white wedding dress for her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe in 1840. In this era, blue, not white, was a symbol of purity, and many brides chose to wear blue wedding dresses specifically for that reason. White, on the other hand, symbolized wealth. Following Queen Victoria's example, it soon became a trend among brides of elevated social status ...
  • Silk Or Real? Your Wedding Flower Questions Put To Rest -- At Last  By : Blake Kritzberg -
    Silk or real; what's a bride to do? For many brides, the question is really perplexing -- especially for those who want to mix a dash of "Do-It-Yourself" into their wedding flower preparations.

    Obviously, silk comes with some advantages -- it's tough and shelf stable, and the petals won't come off at the worst possible moment. On the other hand, silk flowers don't always look real, and they aren't always a bargain, either.

    The fact is, the silk versus real dilemma is mo...
  • Preparing A Wedding Budget  By : Pepper Montero -
    Of all the tasks that must be done before the wedding, the budget just may be the most important. Although it isn’t glamorous or really very much fun, creating and sticking to a budget can mean going down the aisle with a clear conscience.

    Many people are unaware that large, expensive weddings are a fairly recent phenomenon. Prior to World War II, a very small church or court house wedding was the norm. After World War II and the economy boom, couples and their parents imm...
  • Selecting Wedding Vendors  By : Pepper Montero -
    It is important to be selective and careful when choosing wedding vendors. There are many wonderful vendors available that you can use who will fulfill all of your requirements. However, there are some vendors who do not have a good reputation. When contracting with a vendor, keep some key points in mind.

    If you do not know the area well where you will be married, you need to use extreme caution. There are some places that have information regarding breaches of contracts ...
  • Poetry As A Important Part Of The Wedding  By : Sheila Easton -
    Poems, for such a long time, have been used to express one's feelings and emotions and to record events and thoughts in an artistic form. Reading poems during a wedding can enhance the beauty of the event.

    The wedding poem may be composed and be read by a member of the family as a gift to the groom and bride. However, not many have good skills in writing that poem writing for weddings may also be entrusted to professional wedding writers.

    Even if the task of writing th...
  • Baby Shower Secrets  By : Scott Michaels -
    Now, anyone can throw the Baby Shower and it’s not just for the women!Men are attending showers, even having their own.It’s all about celebrating a new life, and welcoming a new baby to the world. And all babies, not just the couple’s first child, are a cause for celebration.

    Traditionally, a close female friend throws the Baby Shower and invites all the women close to the mother-to-be, to shower her with gifts and well wishes for the coming baby.While this is still the id...
  • Get The Right Event Planner For Your Next Celebration  By : Gray Rollins -
    Wedding come up? 50th Anniversary Celebration? Big Birthday Bash? Whatever the special occasion one thing is for certain; planning a sophisticated event and coordinating all the details and things that have to happen is no easy task. That’s why you need to hire an event planner and here’s how to find a good event planner

    You might think that hiring an event planner isn’t within your budget but you couldn’t be more wrong. The time you’ll save is worth a lot of money, and wi...
  • For Pre Wedding Fun – Try A Stag Do In Cardiff  By : Tina Gamvros -
    Plan your next bachelor party in Cardiff

    The capital of Wales is also its party capital – the centre of all things hip and happening. Having stripped away its reputation as a destination to be avoided, you can now find a smashing good time anywhere within the city limits. The place is fun and friendly and the atmosphere resonates with the laughter of its people, proud of their history and culture.

    Why a stag do in Cardiff? There are many reasons why your stag do should ...
  • Before Your Wedding, Find Out About Stag Parties In Brighton  By : Tina Gamvros -
    A bachelor party in Brighton can’t be beat

    If your senses can detect a good time follow your instincts and head south to Brighton for your next stag party. Stag parties in Brighton are becoming more and more popular, especially with the easy availability of seaside stag activities and a temperate climate that is conducive to outdoor partying any time of the year (if your definition of “outdoor partying” is wide enough to include swaggering outside the local pub at 2 in the...
  • Guaranteed Way To Disneyland Weddings  By : Chris Elliott -
    Wouldn't it be a dream come true to have the happiest day of your life (your wedding day) at the happiest place on earth? With Disneyland Weddings, your dreams are not that far off!

    Disneyland weddings include a magical ceremony and a original welcome that you can't discover any place else on earth. Now, you can in actuality have a fairy tale wedding that is truly only, romantic, and fascinating and you can have your very own happily at all after' wedding day at Disneyland...
  • How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer And Feel Like A Star On Your Wedding Day!  By : Susan Jones -
    Why should you trust your memories to a professional wedding photographer?

    It's essential you hire a good, professional wedding photographer for your big day if you want wonderful wedding photographs. Wedding pictures will last a lot longer than the flowers, food and drink. You’ll be able to relive your wedding day every time you look at your photographs. You need a photographer who understands what you want and can be relied upon to capture every minute of your special da...
  • Choosing A Florist For Angelina Jolie's Wedding Flowers  By : Wesley Berry -
    Rumors of an impending wedding for famous Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rampant. The glamorous couple have almost certainly begun discussing wedding details and making decisions about the where's, when's, and how's. They may have even gone so far as to book a location, plan wedding attire, and choose a cake flavor. But have they chosen a florist yet?

    Choosing a florist for your wedding is certainly one of the most important decisions you can make for th...
  • Stag Weekend In Leeds – A Must Before Your Wedding  By : Tina Gamvros -
    A bachelor party in Leeds will keep you rocking all night long

    Party hard at your stag weekend in Leeds – this town is booming with a raging night life fresh out of the oven so jump right in and join the good times. This is the party city of all party cities.

    Leeds is a great place for a stag weekend. New bars and clubs are cropping up overnight as this city’s party potential continues to grow at breakneck speed – with no signs of stopping. It’s impossible to sober up w...
  • Wedding Week “I Do’s” And “I Don’ts” For The Best Man  By : Pepper Montero -
    If there were ever a group that needed this article, I think it must be the best man. Yes, all those in the wedding party need to know where their boundaries and duties lie. The best man, however, usually needs the most help.

    As the best man, your duties are rather limited. The ones you do have, however, are crucial. They can be the difference between the groom getting married or remaining a bachelor. For additional help, www.bridalblog.info is a great resource.

    For sta...
  • Why Getting an Online Wedding Toolkit Could Make All The Difference  By : Lesley-Ann Graham
    Boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy proposes, girl says yes, girl goes crazy planning the wedding. That’s usually how the story goes, notwithstanding the fact that it is the golden age of wedding planners.
  • Las Vegas Brides Having Trouble With Online Resources  By : Renae C. Judkins
    Local brides in Las Vegas can easily find wedding resources through Las Vegas wedding magazines, but many brides come to Las Vegas from out-of-town and they have more trouble.
  • Elements Of Wedding Ceremony Music  By : George Meszaros -
    When planning your wedding ceremony music, a common questions wedding planners receive is, "How many songs to be performed during the ceremony and where should they go?" There are no hard set rules and there is no wrong way to do it. The following is a useful set of guidelines you can use while planning your wedding reception music.

    Prelude – music performed prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony, while arriving guests are being seated. For the prelude, you may sel...
  • How To Select The Best Baby Shower Party Favors  By : Sheila Easton -
    After you have conceptualized and prepared for the party, never forget to prepare a small token to thank your guests for coming.

    These baby shower party favors need not be expensive.

    These may be simple things that can be ordered in bulk, and then personalized for the celebration.

    When you are choosing baby shower party favors, make sure that you have also considered the theme of the baby shower. As much as possible, have the party favor coordinate with the baby sho...
  • Wedding Video  By : George Meszaros -
    A video presentation of your wedding can become the most entertaining memory of your wedding day. It is a crucial part of your wedding, and you should treat it accordingly. You have many options to have your wedding videographed. You can have a friend or family do it for your, or you can hire a professional. If you hire a professional you need to consider several issues.

    You need to make sure you are hiring an experienced person. You should view their previous work and ask...
  • How To Protect Your Wedding Photographs  By : George Meszaros -
    Wedding photography is one of the biggest of all wedding expenses. The photos are able to tell the story of your wedding beautifully for decades to come. You want to make sure you do everything you can to preserve one of the most important remembrance of your wedding day. You can take several steps to protect your wedding photos.

    Digital photography is the most inexpensive way to prevent loss due to disaster. Once your photos are in digital form, you can easily duplicate t...
  • Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries  By : cdmohatta
    The day of wedding that was awaited since long is gone. The couple has joined millions of other couples in the dull existence of life. Read on...
  • The Tradition Of The Diamond Engagement Ring  By : Mark Woodcock -
    Most little girls grow up dreaming of the moment that their knight in shining armor gets down on one knee and proposes. It is a romantic gesture that is topped off with the perfect accessory, the engagement ring. Most little girls dream of that perfect diamond atop their ring finger, gleaming and bright. The engagement ring has a very old and interesting history that began thousands of years ago. The traditional diamond engagement ring that we know of today is actually a fair...
  • Take a Honeymoon Vacation You'll Never Forget  By : Ethan K. Roberts
    A honeymoon vacation is a great way to celebrate the love of a new marriage or the renewal of vows. Various spots throughout the world play host to many honeymoon vacations. Regardless of your interests, cruising to a top destination spot, flying across the seas, or choosing a destination to spend memorable time together driving is sure to be the start of something great.
  • Planning The Perfect Wedding - Top Five Secrets Of A Successful Groom  By : Scott Fromherz
    There's more to being a groom than just showing-up at the wedding. Here are my top five secrets of a successful groom.
  • A traditional Swahili wedding Harusi: Here Comes The Bride!  By : avoyages
    The grand entry of the bride represents the climax of a Swahili traditional wedding. Such weddings are held among the entire Swahili population of Eastern Africa, including the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, and the Tanzanian and Kenyan coasts. Swahili weddings incorporate a deeply rooted culture and religion, which can be traced back to the Arabic roots of the Swahili population.
  • Las Vegas Wedding Fashions Turning Red  By : Renae C. Judkins
    Las Vegas has been known as a different sort of wedding town particularly for the drive through weddings, but now Las Vegas weddings are starting to be known again for something else.
  • Gniche Wedding Invitation Sites Taking Over Wedding Invitation Market  By : Renae C. Judkins
    Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, so she will go to great lengths to make sure her dress is an original and her centerpieces are unlike any she has ever seen.

    But what about her wedding invitations?
  • Ideas For Wedding Reception Table Arrangements You Want To Know  By : Amy K. Spade
    The trick with making floral arrangements for your reception and other areas is that you need to have either some advice or some professional help. Looking in bridal magazines and in floral magazines is all well and good, but those are pictures of no-budget arrangements. You, on the other hand, can’t necessarily spend your entire budget on the flowers.

    On the tables

    At your reception is where the majority of the flowers will go. Each of the tables, as well as the head t...
  • Jazz Wedding Music, Perfect for Every Wedding Day Event  By : VegasWedlock
    Whether a bride wants to walk down the aisle to a touching melody or dance to a swinging tune, jazz musicians can deliver both and more.


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