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  • How to Choose a Good Web Host?  By : Petr Sejba
    You will be overwhelmed when you begin searching for a website host for you new website and if you do not understand what they are offering for the price you may be surprised at what you get.
  • Company web site maintenance  By : jart
    As the internet grows in its popularity and your company in its reach, merging both successes become fruitful when the presence on the internet is firmly established. Your company's web site could have been launched as a first time experiment or as a fully blown e-commerce venture, both cases of presence need to be sustained over a long period of time. The need for your company web site maintenance arises, for reasons of sustaining it in the face of so many risks it faces on the internet.
  • Choosing A Web Hosting Company  By : Rick Hendershot
    It used to be that choosing a web hosting company for your small business web site was a difficult and confusing exercise. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today you can do an online search for web hosting companies and be presented with a fantastic selection of cheap hosting packages, all of them offering a wide range of features.

    Choosing among all the alternatives still takes a bit of research. Many people focus on impressive technical specs -- available bandwidth,...
  • Free or Paid Web Hosting?  By : Petr Sejba
    Just finished your first website? So it's the time to look for some hosting and make a choise. Your first qustion probably will be whether to choose free or paid hosting service. Let's have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of these solutions.
  • Launches a cPanel Reseller Hosting Program  By : Ross Todoroff has launched a cPanel reseller hosting program, which offers four plans, perfect for those who wish to sell hosting to their own customers.

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