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  • Natural Health And Beauty - The Truth About Vitamin E  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Vitamin E is a popular ingredient in many skincare creams these days. But does it actually work, given that most creams sit on the surface and only make skin appear younger? Find out what you can expect of vitamin E, when you shouldn't bother using it, and how to get the most out of it for better lo
  • A Sexy Suntan  By : Barney Garcia
    When I was a teenager, many moons ago, I spent countless hours stretched out in my bikini at high noon trying to tan my body so I would look better to the opposite sex. I can remember slathering on a homemade tanning oil made of baby oil and iodine (for it’s brown color) as we didn’t have access to commercial preparations.
  • Ringworm: A Non-Crawling Fungus That Can Spread Over The Entire Body  By : James Zeller -
    It itches, makes you scratch, but it is not a worm. It is contagious but can be controlled naturally and quickly. Kill the the fungus with a proven natural remedy.


    A rather common ailment has gone by a very unattractive name and one that is somewhat misleading. The scientific name for this ailment is Tinea; however the more common name is simply Ringworm. Tinea is Latin for ‘growing worm’ and may have led to the more common English translation.

    Ringworm Defined...
  • Adult Acne- There Is Help.  By : Tyler J Stevenson
    There are many different approaches to treating acne available today. What works for one individual may produce little or no results for another, and finding a good acne treatment is usually a process of guessing and checking.
    Although everyone will have some form of acne in their lives, some people get it worse than others, and it can last for many years if not treated.
  • Acne: A Basic Understanding  By : Kathlene Capelle -
    Statistics indicate that as high as 80% of the entire American population has ever had acne. Acne afflicts all genders, sexes and ages making it a universal skin disorder. As a form of skin disease, the good news is that acne is not transmittable.

    Although acne is not contagious from person-to-person, it can spread to the whole face and can severely affect all the skin tissues that have pilosebaceous units. It is not true that acne just affects those going through puberty...
  • Acne Skin Care Basics  By : Kathlene Capelle -
    When you have an acne outbreak, do you know how to take care of your skin? Unknowingly, many people tend to use acne skin care methods that aggravate their present condition further. Take for example the notion that a patient must seriously scrub his face to take away dirt. Is this the correct way for acne skin care? Not quite. Here's the scoop.

    First, it is important to understand the cause of acne before knowing what acne skin care measures to use. Acne is neither a dire...
  • What Causes Teenage Acne  By : David Henrich -
    During the early teen years, boys and girls are at greater risk for acne breakouts, when the oil glands in the body start over-producing sebum (skin oil that can resemble grease). Adding to the problem, your body sheds dead skin cells constantly – and some people have "sticky" skin cells that don’t shed normally – they just remain attached to the skin. In people who have acne, these excess skin cells mixes with the oil and plug up the hair follicles.

    The Common Myths

  • Acne - Basic Things You Need To Know  By : Paton Jackson -
    For those that are dealing with acne, having the necessary knowledge about where it comes from and how to treat it is the first step in solving this very difficult and often scarring condition. It is not easy to find a way to work through acne when you do not know if a product will work how it will work or what is causing the acne on your face. In fact, it is plain old frustrating. Yet, the good news is that you can learn and you can succeed with acne treatments.

    What Caus...
  • Anti-Aging Scams: What To Look Out For  By : Antiaging Web Site -
    A sad fact of life is that when a person feels vulnerable, they are ripe to be taken advantage of by those who want to turn a quick profit. This is true in many areas of life, from labor to writing. It is also true in the fight against aging.

    Anti-aging is one of the latest crazes in health and beauty. No one over 30 seems to want to look their age anymore, and the result is an instant rush to any product that claims to battle the signs or effects of aging. Not all of thes...
  • Ringworm: Fungus Or Real Worm Under My Skin  By : James Zeller -
    If you are looking at a patch of skin that is kind of reddish and has rounded edges but normally is not in that area, YOU MIGHT HAVE RINGWORM! Not a real worm but a skin infection caused by fungus…

    Most people don’t get a mirror to look in the mirror to see the area back of their neck. My adult daughter teaches grade school and we were at a basketball game. Her long hair was in a ponytail and draped in front of her. The reddish patch of skin about the size of a golf ball w...
  • Reasons For Preferring Indoor Tanning  By : Grace Palce -
    Getting a tan, nowadays, is no longer a cosmetic undertaking. A considerable number of people believe that a tan not only makes a person look healthy, but also makes them have stronger and healthier bones. A person who has tanned skin or regularly uses a tanning bed has been found to have bones that are denser and sturdier. Whereas a person who lacks exposure to either direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation suffers from a lack of vitamin D.

    Obtaining a gorgeously tanned ...
  • Acne Review Treatment - The New Face Of Benzoyl Peroxide  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Acne benzoyl peroxide products have quite a loyal fan base due to their effectiveness in treating mild to moderate acne. Whilst their side effects have limited their accessibility to some, new skin deployment methods promise to give benzoyl peroxide a more democratic edge.
  • Desert Hands  By : Ben
    A set of great-looking hands is crucial in portraying a good impression. There is no point in having a great complexion, wearing designer clothing and when you hold out your hand for that very first handshake, what the other party sees is only a picture of poor personal grooming.
  • Perfect Tan, Not!  By : Debra
    Beautiful bronze tan, thrilling sports, sunny beaches - the perfect epitome of fun and youth. But is it worth to achieve that lovely tan at the risk of damaging your skin permanently? Maybe it is time to realise the importance of protecting your skin before it gets too late.
  • Skin Care For Men  By : Sharon Hopkins -
    The manufacturers of beauty care products have blatantly ignored men while persistently pursuing women. Decade ago beauty regime, cosmetics, etc were considered a female's prerogative. So what's new? There is a clear blurring of gender lines in today's world. Eyebrow plucking, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and hair colours, which were regaled to women only, now find a mention in men's list for beauty.

    Men have shown interest in taking better care o...
  • Understanding Cystic Acne  By : Paton Jackson -
    Cystic acne is a common type of skin infection that is commonly found on teens.

    Understanding what cystic acne is can help you to better treat this condition on your own body. For many individuals, it is traumatizing in the way that their outward appearance is flawed by these small but powerful infections. The skin becomes inflamed here and it may even hurt. The irritants are likely to be bacteria as well as a combination of other factors. The bottom line is, though, that ...
  • Acne: True Causes--True Solutions  By : Shea Sukami
    Although calling it a disease would be a stretch, acne is one of the most expensive afflictions affecting mankind today. Estimated to torment more than 80% of teenagers and young adults, the US market for anti-acne prescription medicine is over (US)$1.6 billion dollars annually.
  • Swallow To Glow - A Holistic Approach To Skin Health  By : Debra
    Skin supplements – are they essentials or mere marketing gimmicks? Find out whether skin supplements are useful in helping you to achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion.
  • Living Naturally - Natural Health and Skincare  By : Debi Harris
    Today's lifestyle leaves us open to a daily chemical assault, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, and the skincare and haircare products we use on a daily basis. We need now, more than ever, to start looking at ways to live a more natural way of life.
  • Boost Your Self Esteem With Acne Treatment  By : Justin Brown
    Acne is a common occurrence and can appear at any age. It is a condition that can be frustrating as successful treatment may be hard to come by. Read on for treatment tips and information.
  • Top Five Best Natural Acne Treatments  By : Steve Adair
    Acne, while most common in teenagers, can effect anyone at any age.The following are the top five natural acne treatments which should be considered by anyone seeking an acne solution.
  • Help! I've got White Spots  By : Debra
    Fungal infections on the skin can cause a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment to the sufferer. But that is no reason to shy away from proper treatments. With proper topical and/or oral medication, the problem may not be as serious as you think.
  • Cracked Skin – Fill In Those Gaps  By : Sharon Hopkins -
    When you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, your skin cracks, thus presenting you with painful slits or fissures. They cause agony even while doing simple movements. Your skin cracks and it can give you a terrible pain. The hands and feet are the most vulnerable spots for this problem. But other spots like the mouth, lips, cheeks etc. too can be affected. Usually, the areas between toes and on the heels are affected. These fissures, if neglected, can cause infection. Generally,...
  • Hormones and Your Skin  By : Ben
    Acne can cause severe low self-esteem for sufferers, if not treated correctly. The desperation of the sufferers may result in them trying out every single acne treatment products, increasing the risks of worsening their acne problems and further scarring their self-esteem. Before one starts spending huge amounts of money buying up acne treatment products that may be useless, it will be more efficient if we can first learn to work in parallel with the natural hormonal cycle to treat our acne problems.
  • About Acne - What can you do to cure or alleviate acne?  By : Knut Holt
    The processes going on in the skin of a person suffering from acne are explained here. You also find a survey of the factors causing acne and measures you can apply yourself to prevent, cure or alleviate acne.
  • Who Gets Acne?  By : Jack Smith
    All of us are prone to getting acne at some stage of our lives, especially during puberty. Acne is usually a result of over stimulated hormonal activity which cases the oil producing glands, or the sebaceous glands to produce more oil than necessary.
  • What is Acne?  By : Jack Smith
    Acne is an eruptive skin disease. It is essentially a disorder of the sebaceous glands around hair follicles. Sebaceous glands secrete sebum, a substance made up of fat and fragments of dead fat producing cells.
  • What Causes Acne?  By : Jack Smith
    Acne inflicts most people at some stage of their lives, most commonly during puberty. Contrary to the popular myth, acne is not caused by eating greasy foods and chocolates.
  • Tips for Keeping Acne at Bay  By : Jack Smith
    The severity of acne varies from person to person. Some may experience only a mild outbreak during adolescence while many people have to deal with a severe outbreak in their later years, when one thought acne was least likely to occur. These skin care tips are common for all skin types and all forms of acne.
  • Types of Acne - 101  By : Jack Smith
    Acne can range from mild to moderate to severely disfiguring and manifests itself in different forms in different people.
  • Prescription Medications for Acne  By : Jack Smith
    Why should you visit a dermatologist? - Types of Prescription Treatments - Oral Antibiotics - Oral contraceptives - Topical Antimicrobials - Topical Retinoids
  • Over-the-Counter Acne Treatments  By : Jack Smith
    A wide range of medications are available today which have proven effective in the treatment of acne. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a combination of medicines to successfully and completely treat the acne.
  • Whatever you do, don’t squeeze that zit!  By : Jack Smith
    Squeezing pimples or zits, as they are commonly called, can be painful and cause serious damage. An enduring myth about acne is that squeezing blackheads can clear up the acne faster. This myth is not only false, but following this advice can also cause long-lasting harm to the skin.
  • Adult Acne - The Basics  By : Jack Smith
    Did you know that acne is considered to be the most widespread skin condition in the world? While its occurrence is most common amongst adolescents, men and women in their thirties and forties have also been known to suffer from acne.
  • Acne: Fact and Fiction  By : Jack Smith
    Myths about acne die hard. Old wives’ tales about its causes continue to persist, in spite of scientific condition to the contrary. This article aims to shed light on some common myths about acne and attempts to separate fact from fiction.

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