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Surgery (7)

  • Laser Hir Removal, it Could be the Answer You've Been Looking For  By : Tyler J Stevenson
    Laser hair removal is gaining popularity among those looking for permanent hair removal. Nevertheless, permanent laser hair removal does not suit everyone. Before going for a laser hair removal you are recommended to go through these points.
  • How Alternative Medicine Fits into Today’s Society  By : Ken Snowie
    Think you don’t know what alternative medicine is? It’s more common than you think, and now has a firm place in the world today. Certain therapies not formerly thought of as legitimate medical treatments are now being used on a more frequent basis to treat a variety of ailments, quite often with endorsement from the medical community.
  • The Definition of Alternative Medicine  By : Ken Snowie
    Have you ever suffered from a horrible headache when you thought the best remedy might be for someone to bash you over the head, or to pull your hair out? Then you might have some experience with alternative medicine!
  • Robotics In Health Care  By : ForProcessAutomation.com -
    We haven’t quite reached the Jetson age of personal robots to do all of our work around the house. There are still quite a few developments in robotics, however, that affect humans in our day to day lives, although we might not recognize them as such. The robots in real life are not generally manufactured to look like people, but they nevertheless carry out many functions that would be dangerous or difficult for a human to do.

    One area where the use of robotics has advance...
  • Acid reflux/GERD is a real pain in the neck. Literally.  By : Tyler J Stevenson
    Acid reflux and GERD are used interchangeably in describing the same condition. The GERD stands for gastroesophogeal reflux disorder. It sounds complicated, but is quite simply a condition in which the acids from the stomach are irritating or damaging the esophagus.
  • What Is The Avian Flu - Also Known As The Bird Flu?  By : Libby Sustachek -
    The Avian flu is a virus carried by birds and spread through their feces and other secretions. Those most at risk are people who come into contact with infected birds. Of the people who have been infected, many are from families that keep chickens around the home.

    There have been no signs of the Bird Flu in the United States as yet, and the virus is not easily transmitted from birds to humans. However, once confined to Asia, the Bird Flu has now been identified in other c...
    During the first half of the nineties, I investigated the therapeutic consequences of distinct types of music on patients under adequate anaesthesia. This investigation was done in Johannesburg at the Garden City Clinic, over a period of four years (1991-1995), with statistics done at the Witwatersrand university, by dr. Jackie Galpin.
  • What Triggers Heartburn or Acid Reflux?  By : Paul MacIver
    Acid Reflux – also known as Heartburn - is caused when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation. Almost everyone experiences heartburn at some point in their life. However if these symptoms occur more than two days a week for several months, a person may have Acid Reflux Disease, otherwise known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).
  • How To Choose A Lift Chair  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, arthritis and other mobility limiting conditions trouble your loved ones. Being in one of these situations trouble them. It makes them feel useless and dependent on other people. They also sense that they have lost their vigor and free will. As a result they pity themselves.

    In today’s modern world, mobility is an advantage. Thus, to bring confidence back to your loved one’s being, give them something that can help them live a life even with thei...
  • What causes Hyperhidrosis?  By : Jack Smith
    We naturally perspire, all through the day, to help our body regulate its temperature. In fact sweating is necessary for the healthy physiological functioning of our bodies. It is a mechanism in which fluid containing salts is released, by which the body is able to dispel heat produced by exercise and hot environments.
  • Approaches to Care in Physician Assisted Suicide  By : Sam Oliver
    There is a growing interest in suicide. When people start looking for more information about suicide, you'll be in a position to meet their needs. This article is a brief description of much information on this subject.
  • It’s No Joke, Laughter is Awesome Medicine!  By : Chad Ferguson
    You go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath! Laughter has enormous amounts of health benefits ranging from affecting diabetes to lowering risks of heart attacks and everything in between!
  • Examining The Different Types Of Electric Wheelchairs  By : Quentin B. Patterson -
    You have always used water and detergent to wash your clothes. Then why would you suddenly shift from the conventional methods of getting rid of stains from your garments and use a dry method? Is the method really dry and does it really get rid of the stains?

    It is believed that the invention of dry cleaning was the result of an accident. The story says that a petroleum-base fluid had accidentally spilled on greasy fabric. The fluid quickly evaporated, taking the stains wi...
  • A Look at The Different Types of Power Wheelchairs  By : Rory H. Hawkins
    There are three types of wheelchairs - manual wheelchairs, transport chairs and electric or power wheelchairs. With a manual wheelchair the person has to move the wheelchair, as it is self-propelled. Power wheelchairs however, are normally powered by batteries.
  • Aicardi Syndrome  By : Lpellis Ellis -
    It is a disorder that is categorized by the partial or complete malfunction of the corpus callosum, a brain structure linking two hemispheres inside it. Aicardi syndrome often causes childhood seizure (intantile spasms), eye abnormality or lesions of the retina, and metal retardation. Aicardi Syndrome is also linked to microcephaly, a brain defect; microgyria, where bumps inside the brain tend to be narrow; or porecenphalic cysts, a brain condition causing fluids to fill the ...
  • Don't Quit Reading - Use Reading Glasses!  By :
    An informative and interesting look at the various aspects and uses of reading glasses.
  • Arthritis Pain—How to Avoid Accidental Acetaminophen Poisoning  By : Barbara Allan
    During cold and flu season, people who take acetaminophen for arthritis are at risk for acetaminophen poisoning. Taking maximum recommended dose of just two acetaminophen-containing products, for instance, a pain reliever and a cold remedy, can cause acute liver failure.
  • Common Misconceptions about Vitamins: Some FAQ’S  By : Jack Smith
    Often taken to treat ailments like colds, arthritis and osteoporosis, and sometimes taken to offset issues like stress, nervous tension and even memory loss, vitamins are commonly misused and their benefits misunderstood.
  • Vitamin B: It Types and Sources  By : Jack Smith
    Commonly referred to as vitamin B complex, these are water soluble vitamins, several of which are deemed extremely important for carbohydrate metabolism. The most important types, their functions and sources are:
  • Types of Vitamins and Their Purpose  By : Jack Smith
    There are 13 different types of vitamins that have been identified, that are necessary for our body’s well being and health. Each of them has a specific function, and a deficiency in any one can cause a health problem or a dysfunction of a body part or organ.
  • The Newbie’s guide to Minerals  By : Jack Smith
    Without minerals, vitamins are literally worthless. Our body is unable to process vitamins without the help of minerals. Minerals are inorganic compounds which are essential for the structural composition of hard and soft tissue, like our teeth, bones, muscles and even blood and nerve cells.
  • The Newbie’s Guide to Antioxidants  By : Jack Smith
    The metabolization of oxygen by the body releases damaging by-products which effect cell membranes and other structures like cellular proteins, lipids and DNA.
  • Got Calcium?  By : Jack Smith
    Calcium is basically a mineral. It gives the strength and stiffness to our skeletal system to carry us around and protect our internal organs. Without sufficient calcium our body would be unable to maintain its continuous cycle of rebuilding and growing bones and also provide the strength needed to hold up the body.

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