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  • How To Make Money Using Remote Site Syndication (RSS)  By : Paul Winter
    You may already know that RSS stands for Remote Site Syndication, but what does that really mean to you and more importantly, how can you use RSS to help you make more money?
  • Adsense – Still A Cash Cow?  By : Paul Foley -
    With the advent of Google losing a court case (and a shed load of money) and the continued problem of click fraud the question is now on the tip of everyone’s tongue – “Is Google Adsense still the cash cow that it was?”.

    In this article I’ll take a look at ways in which the average webmaster may still develop a successful Adsense business and how to use the up and coming Google witch hunt to your advantage.

    There are currently two main problems that are facing Google, b...
  • Google Analytics: What Is It?  By : Mary Murtha -
    Are you finding it difficult to keep track of your site's performance in the search engines? Aside from having to download software that offer to keep track of your website's SEO performance, Google now has a newly integrated service especially for SEO people out there concerned with their web site's performance.

    This Google tracking service is known as the Google Analytics. It is a powerful service that keeps track of your web site's success on organic and paid search res...
  • Download Music Legally With These Online Services  By : Lucila Duchesne -
    There are mainly two kinds of music download services online. There's the services that allow you to buy tracks you can download and then there are subscription services that let you listen to full tracks online in return for a monthly subscription fee. Some do both.

    Introducing http://Walmart.com

    Pretty straight forward service that lets you purchase tracks to download. Last time I checked, they were offering music downloads for 88 cents per download and let you choose...
  • Step-By-Step How Anyone Can Make Money With Adsense  By : Alan Cheng -
    There are heaps of ebooks and membership sites on the online teaching you how to make money with Adsense websites. With so much information, you’ll be overloaded. Well I’ve read them, joined them and know what works and what does not. Here’s my advice.

    Adsense is a Google advertising tool that is placed on your website. The ads that are shown on the website are determined by your content – the text on your website.

    If you have pages and pages of articles on a certain to...
  • Os Commerce - An Intro  By : Craig Smith -
    Executive Summary

    eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being made available to anyone with an internet connection for free.

    The most robust of these open source solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) – a community driven eCommerce solution that is flexible, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC will provide businesses of all shapes ...
  • Satellite Internet Access – Here And Now  By : All Satellite Site -
    A major breakthrough in internet availability as far as occupants of rural areas are concerned is the use of satellites to provide internet access. People who live too far from a phone system junction to receive DSL and who also have no cable lines running through their areas now have a new option. Satellite internet is also a great source of excitement among those longing for a better solution for portable internet connections than their cell phone. Anyone on the move a lot ...
  • Adsense And Article Marketing  By : Chuck Crawford -
    You’ve heard about the Adsense craze and decided that you are going to get your share of Adsense cash cow. You’ve either built a website or purchased one, and now you’re ready to rock! You submit it to every search engine and directory that you can think of, dreaming of thousands of surfers coming in from every engine on the planet. All begging to click your Adsense links and make you rich.

    Then you sit back and wait. And wait. And wait some more. Checking your stats daily...
  • Protecting Yourself Against Phishing Attacks  By : Jake foster
    Take a deeper look into phishing scams
    And how to protect yourself.
    The advent of personal computers have stimulated the power of self-publishing (or the act of producing and putting one’s own writing into circulation) by allowing publishers to easily modify the settings of type and designs at a cut-rate price.
  • How To Identify A Virus Infected E-mail Message?  By : Eric Koshinsky -
    It is often difficult to identify an infected e-mail message. The way modern viruses and mass mailing internet worms function, messages can seem to arrive from friends or colleagues. In reality most infected messages are being automatically sent by another infected machine who has no idea their machine even has a problem. Since the virus or worm pretend to be the owner of the infected computer it can be hard for you when you get unexpected email messages from them.

    Here ar...
  • The Advance Of Internet Radio  By : Lavinia Snider -
    Internet radio is occasionally an overlooked feature of the Internet. The act of broadcasting music over the Internet in this way is referred to as streaming music and there are many stations that offer streaming over the Internet. You will often find that your favorite terrestrial station can be found online, but there are just as many radio stations that are transmitted solely over the Internet. One of the biggest benefits of Internet radio is that the data is transmitted o...
  • A Hot Trend For 2006 - Internet TV  By : Tony Brings -
    The term Internet TV may refer to either of two things. Internet TV may refer to a set top box that allows users to view Internet content on their television. Alternatively it may refer to television shows and channels that are broadcast over the Internet allowing you to watch your favorite television channels or new channels that you wouldn’t ordinarily receive through your terrestrial television channels.

    Internet TV is still a modern technology and, as such, there are r...
  • Web Site Traffic - 5 Inexpensive Ways to Generate it!  By : Brian Hunter
    Whilst there are many ways to generate traffic most of them cost money with no guarantees that a profit will be made once you have parted with your cash. However, there are also many ways to generate good targeted traffic which need not cost the earth and which, in some cases, are even free. Here are five of the best ways to...more
  • Making Money In Adsense In 90 Days…Not! Pt. 1  By : Gary Hollins -
    Contrary to popular belief, a great majority of Adsense websites don't make a lot of money, even though much time and effort goes in to building niche sites, finding traffic for them, and earnest striving to supply great content.

    The sad truth is, according to some accounts, 1 in 1300 sites geared toward Adsense will actually make any money.

    But what makes those money-making Adsense sites different from the others, and what make those sites earn up to 200-500% more than...
  • Never Underestimate The Power Of The Forum  By : Pat Marcello -
    If your traffic exchange has a forum, get comfortable using the exchange and then, join it! Forum posts are a way to connect with other marketers and just as in offline business, networking is what online marketing is all about. When people get to know you, they trust you and this may spark them to buy your product or join the program you’re promoting. And, it’s always a great way to make new friends.

    The first thing you must do after joining a forum is to introduce yourse...
  • Death Records And The Internet  By : Tony Brings -
    If you are looking to locate death records and do not know where to start, the internet is probably your best bet. There are tons of websites that will allow you to gain access to the information that you are looking for. The best way to find these sites is by typing “death records” into your favorite search engine. This will give you several different options on where to locate what you are looking for.

    The first thing that you will notice when getting your results back w...
  • The Downsides Of Reciprocal Linking To Increase Search Engine Rankings  By : Brian Gilley -
    Reciprocal linking is still a highly sought after method for many companies and webmasters hoping to increase their web site’s ranking in the search engines. Back in 2002, when reciprocal linking firmly took its place as a real way to boost your rankings, many webmasters and sites started using it to quickly and frantically get the upper edge on their competition and the search engines. But, like all short lived and unnatural ways to boost web site rankings, reciprocal linkin...
  • Is The Internet Censored?  By : J Schipper -
    When most people think about Internet censorship, the usual suspects immediately come to mind : Communist China and repressive Islamic countries. Unfortunately, Westerners have an embarrassment all their own : Australia's net censorship law, established in 2000.

    Freedom House, a non-profit U.S. organization dedicated to spreading human rights and freedom, undertakes regular surveys on press freedom and censorship. Last year's survey found that out of 186 countries, 69 had ...
  • Content, Links, Relevance And Page Rank  By : David Andrew Smith -
    SEO experts are constantly telling us about the importance of good quality content and good quality back links from web sites with relevant content. They also tell us that reciprocal links and page rank are of decreasing importance. They then instruct us as to how to go about getting good links by personally contacting other web sites and proposing a reciprocal link! Confusing! As is much of the advice given to prospective site designers.

    Personal experience with our own w...
  • Move Into The Top 1% Of All Ebay Sellers - Accepting The Best Methods Of Payment  By : Adam Ginsberg -
    eBay is becoming a more competitive environment to make money these days. As such, there are certain things that you can do as an eBay seller to separate yourself and distance yourself from your competition.

    As you set up your eBay selling systems, make the commitment to accept all methods of payment. If not, you’ll lose out on potential customers.

    The following short list should be considered your preferred method of accepting payment on eBay:

    1. PayPal

    Paypal, o...
  • Off-Page Factors Affecting Your Position On Google Searches  By : John Fowler -
    Different search engines use different algorithms to calculate where you appear on their search results. This article will focus on the factors that we believe affect your results on Google searches. One word of warning, Google does not publish its algorithms and is constantly changing and updating the way it views sites - so these are the guidelines for you to follow, rather than a definitive statement of the processes involved.

    We will divide the major factors into two m...
  • Nicecontent.com: Getting the best of the Internet, in just one place  By : Hanu Nirukurti
    The Internet contains hundreds and thousands of articles. But there are times when you don’t have time to scour through 60 search results to get the one you read.
  • When Linking Create Powerful Anchor And Descriptive Text  By : Rick Hendershot -
    A link is essentially a free advertisement on someone else's site pointing back to yours. So when submitting your link information, write it like a well-thought-out advertisement. Here are some guidelines.

    1. Give your link text some length -- at least two sentences. If all "link pages" consisted of a short paragraph or two instead of five or six words, these link pages would have "content" and be more valuable. Most webmasters want substance (content) instead of one or tw...
  • The Impact Of Positive Thinking On Your Internet Business  By : Rene Graeber -
    Positive thinking can help you reap many benefits in your internet business.

    Through positive thinking you can achieve better focus, more readily recognize new opportunities, better define your business goals, build up your belief in yourself and your product/service, and more actively seek new ideas.

    Positive thinking can help you keep your focus by teaching you to concentrate on what you can accomplish.

    Once you believe that you can accomplish a goal, your attentio...
  • The Rise And Rise Of Article PR - What Are The Implications?  By : Glenn Murray -
    Already a very popular method of achieving a high search engine ranking, article PR (aka article submission) has now entered the mainstream. As such, its popularity is increasing at a dramatic rate. While this is great for SEO copywriters like myself, there are some side-effects that need to be addressed if article PR is going to remain a viable search engine ranking technique. This article discusses some of those side-effects, along with how they might be addressed.

    BUT F...
  • Yahoo To Prohibit Competitive Keyword Bids Containing Trademarks  By : Otilia Otlacan -
    Yahoo Search Marketing (searchmarketing.yahoo.com) has recently announced its advertisers of a new policy to be implemented as of March 1st 2006, concerning the use of trademarks within their products and services *.

    Under the new policy, no reference to a trademark can be made (except for ads placed by the trademark owners themselves, obviously), and consequently no bids can be make for keywords containing such trademarks. Exceptions refer to usage of trademarks in non-co...
  • My Road To Internet Success - So Far!  By : James Warren -
    Ok so the whole Internet Marketing thing can be quite scary when you first get into it. I thought I'd share some of my experiences to date.

    I have been looking at Internet Marketing for a while. I managed to get some resale rights for a DVD set about Internet Marketing. I planned on selling these DVDs Off-line to a mailing list that I payed for, to people with internet businesses and websites. So I found myself writing my sales letter. With no previous experience of writin...
  • New Age Of Coupons  By : James Brown -
    Saving money using online coupons is a perfect way to help keep spending within a budget. Using the Internet to locate coupons makes it possible to save money on just about anything at any type of store. With a quick search, you can find online coupons for shoes, pizza, flowers, books, toys, groceries and a variety of services. In addition, the Internet makes it very easy to locate savings using rebates and other offers.

    If you are new to using coupons, coupons are a perfe...
  • Finding Coupon Deals  By : James Brown -
    Using coupons has always been a great way to save money on the things that you buy regularly, and avid coupon fans will be happy to attest to that. Many people believe, however, that taking the time to find the right coupons is too difficult to make it worth their trouble. This really doesn’t have to be the case, however, and the money you save using coupons is well worth finding out how to find the best coupon deals in the easiest way possible.

    Online coupons have given a...
  • Top 5 Internet Online Auction Sites  By : Michael Hehn
    If you want to buy or sell products on auction sites, it makes sense to look for best sites. You might be interested in narrowing it down to the top 5 internet online auction sites. This gives you a good start without being overwhelming.
  • 14 Tips For Writing An Effective Online Survey  By : Dana Fine -
    Developing a useful, well-written online survey that extracts the information you need from your users can be a challenge. In this article, I will review 14 tips for creating a useful online survey.

    1) Write a brief, concise survey. Start with a mental framework that focuses on only what is essential to know. Ask questions only if the answers will give you the data you need and can use. If a question is not important enough to include in your report on the survey’s finding...
  • Find Out The Key Ebay Selling Tips  By : Chris Fox -
    Ever wondered how to get the most out of eBay? First off here are some practical eBay selling tips:

    You need an eBay account. Then, take note of this step-by-step guide for setting up an auction. This is the core of eBay selling tips that you need to know.

    Before you sell anything on eBay you should be guided by the eBay selling tip of researching first to make sure that you are going to get the best possible result. There might be better ways to sell your items in the ...
  • Link Relevance  By : David Andrew Smith -
    We are constantly being told by SEO experts and the Search Engines that the importance of a link is determined by its page rank and relevance to our own web sites. Consequently when developing a linking strategy we should only be concerned with relevant links. That is other web sites which have some connection to our own. For example I run a web site devoted to providing a variety of cleaning services to commercial clients throughout the UK, so a relevant site would be a clea...
  • The Power Of Online Auctions As Traffic Generators  By : Brian Sakamoto -
    There are thousands of online auctions on the internet. People love them because they can usually find great bargains. If you have an online business, you can use them to increase traffic to your web site.

    You could create an electronic book or report that relates to your online business, then auction it off at an online auction. You could increase traffic to your web site by placing an ad for your web site in the electronic publication. Some online auctions will even allo...
  • One Way Links Are Given And Accepted With Love And Are For Ever.—Grab Them!  By : Kanaga Siva -
    Unlike Reciprocal Links, One-Way Links also known as Inbound Links are obtained by you or in fact given to you with Love and for ever. Yes,they have come to stay. One-Way Link is a link pointing to your website from another site. You do not have to link back to that website. In other words you need not reciprocate. One-Way Links play a vital role in increasing your Link Popularity.

    Link Popularity is a measure of the number of sites of quality and relevance that point to y...
  • Mom, Want To Make Money Online?  By : Nicole Dean -
    I’m a Stay at Home Mom and I’m broke. I’m pinching pennies left and right and we still aren’t making ends meet. I need to bring in some money, but I really don’t want to go back to work. I have a computer at home. What can I do to make money?
    Signed – Broke in Baltimore

    Dear Broke in Baltimore,
    Oh, how I love to help Moms make money from home. It sounds like you’re open to working on your computer. Let’s get you some ideas on doing just that.

    First of all, be careful ...
  • Ebay Tips For Buyers & Sellers  By : Randy Harold -
    As a buyer you are trying to find bargains i.e listings with the best price (Buy It Now Items) or listings with the fewest bids (Auction Items). Generally these listing are the ones that get the least amount of visitors, and most of the time it is because of missing keywords (Product Serial, Manufacture Name...etc) in the title field. Thus, the key is finding listings that contain misspelled keywords or listings that are missing important keywords in the title field. Since th...
  • How To Choose Right Keywords To Market Your Website  By : Daniel Smith -
    Anyone who knows anything about how search engines work will tell you that you need to choose the perfect keywords in order to improve your search engine ranking. Yet, if you are relatively new to the website creation scene, you may have very little knowledge about what keywords are, what they do and how they enhance search engine optimization (SEO). Nevertheless, understanding what keywords are and how they work is critical to your websites success and the amount of traffic ...
  • How To Find New Coupons  By : Daniel Smith -
    Years ago, finding coupons involved the time-consuming job of searching through newspaper advertisement sections for deals and discounts. You’d search for the coupons you needed and clip them out with a pair of scissors. Coupon clipping was tedious work back then and remembering to take clipped coupons along on shopping excursions was difficult for many people. Still, paper coupons provided good savings and many people used them.

    Today, more and more individuals are turnin...
  • Online Coupon Deals  By : James Brown -
    Coupon deals are a welcome boon for the Internet shopping industry as well as their customers. Do you remember how agonizing it was to remain standing in a long line at your favorite store along with numerous others to take advantage of the sale for the holiday season? Goods were available at a discounted rate but the rate was definitely not worth the wait. With the most popular customer-centric online retailers deciding to launch coupon deals to gain a sizeable market share,...
  • Top 5 Freelance Sites  By : Nell Taliercio -
    Freelancing is a great way to work from home. Freelancers do anything from writing to graphic design to computer programming. They are often hired by businesses (small and large) for a particular project. It’s a win- win situation. The small business owner gets his website up and running, or his press release written without having to create a new position in his company to get the job done.

    The Freelancer gets to do what he or she loves to do from home. The big question ...
  • Finding A Good Ebay Seller And How To Spot The Bad Ones  By : George Peirson -
    EBay is possibly the largest online market place, with millions of transactions happening every day. You can find just about anything imaginable on eBay, from that toy you remember fondly from your childhood, to cars and houses. But along with this huge selection and resource there are dangers as well.

    The core of the eBay experience is the auction concept where individual Sellers put items up for sale and Buyers can then bid on these items. Here in lies the danger. Who ar...
  • What To Look For In A Turnkey Website  By : Douglas Titchmarsh -
    A lot of places online offer turnkey websites, all ready for you to buy and start making money. Have you ever thought about trying one of these turnkey businesses for yourself? Before you consider buying a turnkey website, here is a short checklist to make sure you're going to have everything you need to make money with it.

    The first thing you will need to do is see the site itself, and ensure you see it in action from the potential customers point of view. It will be no u...
  • Web Analytics: Make A Plan. And Stick To It.  By : Marc Travis -
    When it comes to analyzing your web site statistics, what's infinitely more important than the numbers themselves is the actual trend that they portray. If you're trying to build traffic to a web site (and who isn't these days?) then your first concern should be that the numbers are increasing on a regular basis.

    To properly watch those numbers, and know when you need to make adjustments, you should not depend on analyzing statistics that have been logged over time. Instea...
  • Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategy  By : MLA Marketing -
    A good link exchange strategy is not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can make them.

    It's all about picking and choosing quality exchanges in order to.

    1. Help increase traffic to your site
    2. Help more of your directory pages get listed in search engines
    3. Increase the Page Rank of your website.

    When I'm asked what's the best affordable method to get a website noticed, I recommend Reciprocal Link Exchanges.

    I compare a good Link ...
  • Offline Can Pay Off – Ten Ways To Increase Website Activity Without Being Online  By : Anton Cheranev -
    Increasing your website activity does not mean you have to be online all of the time, ducking into chat rooms and onto bulletin boards only long enough to scream out the title and url of your website before they cyber drag you out of the room kicking and screaming. There are a number of ways you can promote your website without sitting in front of your computer all day every day.

    The first way to increase your website activity while you are offline is by adding your websit...
  • Using RSS To Increase Your Pagerank  By : Anton Cheranev -
    There are millions of dollars and multiple hours spent every day trying to increase website traffic, by both ethical and unethical means. There is so much demand for traffic solutions that people will go to any lengths to get ranked higher in the search engines. But did you know that you could increase your traffic by about 20% right now, with virtually no effort?

    Most times when you hear something like this I suggest that you turn tail and run as it will normally lead to ...
  • Three Reasons Why A Good Looking Website Will Increase Traffic  By : Anton Cheranev -
    If you really want to increase traffic on your website, you may want to step back and take a look at the site from a visitor’s point of view. A good looking website increases its traffic naturally because those who visit it will likely come back and tell their friends about it as well. The presentation of your website says a lot about your business. If you want to have a highly successful web business then it is necessary to have a nice website. With more than half of the wor...
  • The Ultimate Success Online Manual  By : STANLEY CHONG -
    There Are 19 Different Ways Of Generating Lots Of Money On The Internet As Practised By Top Internet Entrepreneurs From Around The World.

    Don’t be fooled! Are you considering making money with your own Internet business? If so, read very carefully…You Must Have a Website.

    There are tons of marketers trying to convince would-be entrepreneurs that you will be able to make money online without a website by purchasing their product. All can be done by just one person.

  • How To Build A Google Sitemap  By : James Mahony -
    Google has implemented a cutting edge method of crawling web site for its search engine index. This unprecedented method of indexing web pages is known as Google Sitemaps, and it is quickly growing in popularity among webmasters and SEO agents and managers due to its ability to get entire web site indexed quickly and to pick up errors in the links coming into and out of these web site.

    Google Sitemaps consists of placing the URLs of your pages along with important informat...
  • How Google Page Rank Works  By : James Mahony -
    Are you looking for some inside information on SEO? Here's an up-to-date report from SEO experts who should know.

    A ‘Page Rank’ is a number Google gives to a web page that represents how important Google thinks the page is on the web. When one page links to another, Google considers it to be effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more ‘votes’ there are for a page across the whole web, the more important that page must be. But that’s quite an assumption, isn’t ...
  • Can I Be A Success Online? Part 1  By : Tim Brocklehurst -
    So you want to make your money online now huh? Great. There are plenty of ways to do it. AutoSurfs, MLMs, form-filling/surveys, Affiliate Marketing, HYIP's and the good old fashioned way: Your own product on your own website.

    I'll explore each of these ways in the course of this series. So if they sound like gobledy gook to you now, fear not. Its estimated that every day over 250,000 people make the decision to start earning money at home on the Internet. That's a lot of p...
  • Can I Be A Success Online? Part 2  By : Tim Brocklehurst -
    Too many people venture online without understanding which type of Internet business they are best suited to. They either go for the first one they come across that promises early wealth, or, having viewed a few options (without gaing any real insight on what exactly each one will deliver), they hurl themselves at several simply because they can't make a choice.

    Both of these strategies is dangerous. The first, because any site that promises pots of cash early with very li...
  • Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success  By : Michael Hehn
    There are hundreds of ways that you can promote your
    online business or website, some more effective than
    others. These five proven methods will help you to
    generate traffic to your site and also to generate
    income into your wallet.
  • Autoresponders = Automatic Internet Marketing Success  By : Michael Hehn
    Some usefull thoughts and ideas about autoresponders.
    Why are auto responders the way towards automatic internet marketing success.
  • The Great Opportunity For VoIP Resellers  By : Mark Woodcock -
    Making telephone calls over the Internet using voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) is an efficient and cost saving technology that is in a position to forever change telephone communications. VOIP is not a new phenomenon, having been in use in the business world for quite a few years. In the last couple of years, though, it has begun to catch on with consumers as a way to efficiently combine all their modes communication in their homes, for either their work lives or personal...
  • Five New Trends In Increasing Website Exposure  By : Anton Cheranev -
    It is not the same old Internet anymore as far as marketing goes. There are new ways to promote your website that will benefit you by adding extra cash in your pocket. Read about the five new methods of Internet marketing that people are using to drive customers to their website. The basic concept that “content is king” along with correct keyword usage is the way to go. You will not regret using these new ways of marketing.

    The number one Internet marketing plan for drawin...
  • Coupons - Increasing Popularity  By : James Brown -
    Online coupons codes are rapidly increasing in both popularity and their use. Why? The plain and simple fact is that the benefits that people derive from using online coupons are truly astronomical. With great savings in store for every consumer, the popularity of online coupons will continue to grow as people begin to realize the truly awesome benefits of using online coupons. Beyond the benefit one derives from not having to cut out coupon after coupon, online coupons mean ...
  • Content, Traffic And More Google Adsense Profits  By : Nickolay Bokhonok -
    How to get content using articles grow targeted traffic and get more money with Google AdSense program.

    Today everybody is talking about good content and how important it is to have one on any site. Good, relevant content is so loved by search engines. Quality content is a powerful advantage in the Internet.

    The demand for quality content gave second birth to article. I am sure you already tried to submit or write and submit article(s). Everyone does it now. My experien...
  • The Basics Of DSL Internet Service  By : Mark Woodcock -
    The days of unreliable Internet connections, impatiently waiting for web pages to load, and waiting hours to download something from the Internet are quickly becoming obsolete. Dial-up Internet, which used to be the standard for those seeking Internet access, is rapidly being replaced by faster, more reliable Internet access technologies. One of those technologies, DSL Internet service, is one of the most popular and affordable options for the home Internet customer. There ar...
  • Options In Broadband Internet Access  By : Mark Woodcock -
    The Internet is an astonishing entity, allowing us to be connected to every corner of the world in order to communicate, seek out information, do business, and even have fun. Years ago, our connections to the Internet were limited to dial-up access, which hogged our home telephone lines and uploaded and downloaded information at a snail's pace. Today, though, we have the fortune of being able to connect at what seems like breakneck speed in comparison with our old 28.8 Kbps m...
  • Why Internet Marketing Is Essential For A New Business Website  By : William Lee -
    Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Marketing builds awareness. Awareness lets potential customers find out about your product or service. Just as with a bricks and mortar business, marketing is essential in order to let people know your business offer exists.

    Although the World Wide Web can be thought of as a media channel where prospects will see your copy day after day, the truth is that unless you attract those prospects to your website first then your efforts ...
  • Free Newsgroup Servers  By : Marcus Grant -
    Free newsgroup servers sound irresistible, don’t they? After all, your internet service provider probably doesn’t give you access to all the newsgroups you want, right? Or else you want access to particular types of newsgroups that just don’t make it onto any of major internet service provider lists.

    Free newsgroup servers have often stepped up to the plate to foster free speech and the free exchange of ideas that are often all but ignored in the typical newsgroup. Let’s f...
  • Young Entrepreneur's On The Rise  By : Mike Downey -
    I caught up with the new entrepreneur’s (Terry and Sherry Braley) this January at a Biker Rally. After talking to some fellow riders they were telling me about Terry and Sherry’s new website (Road Rash Apparel) and how low their prices were on their Leather Apparel. So after digging through the crowd I finally met up with them. I introduced myself and we sat down and must have talked for over 2 hours about their new business. Well, they talked. I asked Terry and Sherry why th...
  • Chitika Means Big Cash For Publishers  By : Will Hanke -
    There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the Internet that are missing out on big money. With the emergence of the new Chitika eMiniMalls advertising company, these websites could be bringing in hundreds of dollars a day, and they don't even know it.

    For years people have built websites around their passions, whether is was Mustang Cobras or food processors. These websites existed solely because the person that created them had a passion for that subject.

    With the...
  • How To Prevent Disappointing Ebay Auctions  By : Greg Lietz -
    You should be able to find several indispensable facts about eBay in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make.

    The information about eBay auctions presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about eBay or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

    Many first time eBay sellers have one thing in common – their eBay auctions flop. Many of them flop ...
  • The Internet And Finding People  By : John Rivers -
    Remember that hilarious guy you met at the casino on your last cruise? What about that best friend you had from the high school you transferred from your sophomore year? What about that long lost crush; how is she? Everyone needs to find someone at sometime in their life, and sometimes that can be difficult. Short of hiring a private detective, there are few options available. With the proliferation of the Internet, there is another place to turn.

    An easy place to begin is...
  • Is Your PPC Or Adwords Campaign Crashing On The Landing Page?  By : John Krycek -
    What is a good landing page? The crucial half of a PPC campaign most people don't know about.

    Google Adwords, Yahoo (formerly called Overture Sponsored listings) and other Pay Per Click (PPC) companies give you the chance to get your ad or search listing at the top of the pack, right up front and perfectly matched to the searcher's query. With a clever and catchy, attention grabbing ad or headline you can win the viewer in that critical split second he has to decide to cl...
  • PHP, SEO, And Spiders - Oh My!  By : Ian Wilson -
    Dynamic database-driven sites have become very popular, and relatively easy to set up and administer, through the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP server-side scripting. It's also possible to create a fancy-looking site with little actual content, or automatically generated code that can harm your SEO, such as multiple URLs that display identical content.

    Search engines are constantly evolving and adapting in response to changes in the way information is pre...
  • How To Choose A Shopping Cart Vendor For Your E-Commerce Site  By : Richard Radcliffe -
    E-commerce has exploded on the internet and many successful businesses exist solely on the web. And why not? With a virtual storefront, the overhead costs of running a business are greatly reduced. Therefore, with effective marketing, these businesses can hang on during the difficult early stages of a new business and are less dominated by cash flow while trying to stay afloat.

    One of the major reasons for the surge in online purchasing has been the convenience and securi...
  • How To Get A UK Or Any Other Website Online And Have It Making Money  By : Jonathan White -
    When building a UK or any other website there are many things that you have to consider. These include where you are going to host your website, how much money you have to spend on building and designing your website, how long is it going to take to build your website, how you are going to make money from your website and how are you going to promote your site.

    Designing your site
    When building a website it is best if you learn how to design your own website by learning s...
  • How To Put A Site Online And Make Money From It  By : Jonathan White -
    Before designing your website and putting it online you have to first plan it all out. For example, you will need to think of what topic your site will be based on. For example, will it be a free stuff site like http://www.1freebieseeking.com or will it be a more larger general site like http://www.simplysearch4it.com with online games at http://games.simplysearch4it.com a product search at http://products.simplysearch4it.com and more. You will also have to think of how your ...
  • Tips for Successful Internet Marketing  By : Sharon Powell
    Make a Business plan - 4 Steps you need to consider when marketing your Online Business
  • Autoresponders Aren't Only For Marketing  By : V. Raposo -
    The autoresponder is probably the best thing that ever happened for marketing. But here's another way you can use your autoresponder and it's a great way to further justify the monthly payments if you're paying one. Many of us find it difficult to remember dates, or if you've bought a great home study course to stay with it or just plain motivation. I know personally I've wished for a personal assistant and while nothing can replace live help and a savvy assistant, you can us...
  • How To Choose An Autoresponder Script  By : George Royal -
    Autoresponder scripts are one of the most important things that you need to know when you are running a business, no matter what kind of business it happens to be. In this electronic age we all get emails on a regular basis and having good autoresponder scripts to respond to these emails can help you to keep your business running smoothly. You will be amazed at how much autoresponder scripts can benefit your business.

    You can choose between any number of autoresponder scri...
  • Search Engine Secrets: Using Tags  By : Mark Lawson -
    In your web pages, there are hidden areas of the page that the casual browser doesn't see, but that the search engines sure do. These are called tags, and come in two basic types: first the header tags, which are found at the top of web pages, and second the heading tags, which mark the parts of your text in the page that will be used as titles and subtitles in articles. One other form of tag, alternate text, should be filled out as well.

    Header Tags

    Most of the tags in...
  • 2 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings  By : David Riewe -
    For the last couple of months, Google Adsense has dominated forums, discussions and newsletters all over the Internet. Already, there are tales of fabulous riches to be made and millions made by those who are just working from home. It seems that Google Adsense have already dominated the internet marketing business and is now considered the easiest way to making money online.

    The key to success with Adsense is the placing of ads on pages that are receiving high traffic for...
  • Monetizing Your Website With Adsense Is Profitable!  By : David Riewe -
    How do you maximize your site?

    By earning some few dollars per click from displaying Adsense ads on it. Many are now realizing that good money is made from this source of revenue. Try the simple mathematical computation of multiplying those clicks for every page on your website and you get a summation of earnings equivalent to a monthly residual income with that little effort you have made.

    Google Adsense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to di...
  • How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated  By : David Riewe -
    Google, being the undisputable leader in search engines from then until now, is placing a high importance on the quality and relevancy of its search engines. Most especially now that the company is public property. In order to keep the shareholders and users of its engines happy, the quality of the returned results are given extreme importance.

    For this same reason, doing the wrong things in the Adsense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentionally or unintenti...
  • 3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites  By : David Riewe -
    To know why Adsense is essential for your content sites is to know first how this works.

    The concept is really simple, if you think about it. The publisher or the webmaster inserts a java script into a certain website. Each time the page is accessed, the java script will pull advertisements from the Adsense program. The ads that are targeted should therefore be related to the content that is contained on the web page serving the ad. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement...
  • Who Else Wants To Make Money With Adsense?  By : David Riewe -
    Fact number 1: Kids in high school are making thousands of dollars every month with Adsense.

    Fact number 2: Housewives, retirees, mom and dads, who are just staying at home and have never made a dime on the internet have created full-time incomes by simply placing Adsense ads on their web site or blog.

    These are just some of the “super Adsense earners”. You may have already heard about their story for they are among the few who are on their way to making millions worth...
  • Choosing The Right Internet Fax Service  By : Todd Snyder -
    I spend a lot of time reviewing internet fax services, so people like to ask me which online fax service is best. They want to know if they should select eFax, MyFax, CallWave, or one of the many other options. The simple answer is: it depends.

    There’s not a “best fax service” in general; it depends on what you’re looking for. Here are some factors to consider:

    1. How frequently do you fax? This is the most important thing to consider when choosing an internet fax servi...
  • Avoiding Work At Home (Home Business) And Internet Scams – Part II  By : Guillermo Jalil -
    In Part I of Work at Home (Home Business) Scams, there was a list of home business opportunity scams. In this article we will list some more types of home business and internet scams. There is an increasing number of scams on the internet involving sweepstakes, membership clubs for free money or merchandise.

    Home Typing, Medical Billing, and More.

    There are lots of work-from-home scams that involve persuading you that some industry has more work than it can handle, and ...
  • Avoiding Work At Home (Home Business) And Internet Scams – Part I  By : Guillermo Jalil -
    Let’s say you drive for an hour to work during peak traffic hours. At work nobody appreciates your work. Still you have get up 5.30 AM in the morning. It is tempting to fall into the trap of Home Business scams. These scammers say exactly what you want to hear! Easy money, make six figure income easily, fire your boss, be your own boss, perfect home business opportunity etc. are the catch phrases. This is very tempting. The reason you’re interested in setting up a home busine...
  • Text Links And Page Rank  By : Daniel Smith -
    There are literally billions of web pages out there. Everything you can imagine, businesses selling all sorts of goods and services, information for free and for sale. Saying that the internet is a phenomenon is not doing it justice. The internet has, in fact, changed everything. It may sound cliché, but there has arguably never been an invention in the history of humankind that has such a major impact. Indeed, the only thing that may even come close is the advent of agricult...
  • Misspelling On Ebay – Use It To Your Advantage  By : Thomas Haselhorst -
    In the ongoing quest to find great deal on eBay or even to find items you can flip, one of the interesting approaches is by looking for misspelled items. One of the most common misspellings was “labtop” for “laptop”. This misspelling is so common that some people listing laptops actually use the word “labtop” in their title. Check it out.

    You know the topics you are interested in. Look at how the word can be misspelled. For instance, if needlepoint is your passion, try sea...
  • The Easy Way To Kill Your On-Line Business!  By : Todd Lange -
    A lot of websites floating around today have missed their chances of success at on-line business. When we take a look at the search results for any topic we need, many of the results that crop up do not even remotely seem to be professional. All of these are aimed to catch your eye with graphics, animations and the works. Organization, Navigation and aesthetics have gone for a toss.

    How in the world do these websites intend to make or expect a sale? If a company does not t...
  • Importance Of Search Engines And Designing A SEO Website  By : Todd Lange -
    The vast resource of information available on the internet today is in the form of various classes. For example, when we talk about a mosquito repellant – there are websites that market the product, websites that offer manufacturing know-how, websites that provide simple information on the topic and websites that just simply talk about mosquito repellants. The importance of information posted on a business website is always to the end of selling and making profits.

  • How To Promote Your Site And Also Make It Sticky  By : Jonathan White -
    If you have just designed your own site, then you have probably already realised how hard it is to get visitors to it. You are probably also finding that once you get visitors to your site, you are then having problems in making them return back to your site.

    Well there are many ways of promoting your site and also making it sticky so that you can receive returning visitors.

    To promote your site you can:

    5. Write your own reprint articles that are on the same subject...
  • How To Shop For Products Online And Save At The Same Time!  By : Jonathan White -
    What’s one of the most annoying things that you find when shopping online?
    One of the most annoying things that I find when shopping online is that when I try to find a product, I have to go to a few sites before I find the product that I am looking for. Once I have found my chosen product, I then have problems comparing this merchants product against other merchants that sell the same product so that I can try to find the best deal for this individual product online.

    So ...
  • How to Exploit Profitable Niche Markets  By : iwilliamson
    What does niche marketing mean? Niche marketing is about finding focussed opportunities on the web, areas in which people might be interested and for which they are searching. Big companies and experienced webmasters are not interested in these areas because they are not important enough. But a small business could be something in which you might be interested.
  • How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website!  By : David Riewe -
    Everyone who has a website knows that to have sales you must have traffic, but not just any traffic it has to be targeted traffic.

    What is Targeted traffic? It is simply visitors to your website that are interested in what your website is about. For example, people interested in buying jewellery will find jewellery websites interesting.

    How do I get targeted traffic I hear you ask? The following are tried and tested methods:

    Forums: Subscribe to forums that discus...
  • Outsource Your Intranet? It Makes More Sense Than You May Think.  By : Rick Mosenkis -
    Until recently, if a company wanted to implement an intranet, they first had to install an internal network. Next they had to install a web server and set it up to host their internal documents. This created an intranet, which is an internal network that uses web-based technology. The difference between an intranet and a traditional company network is that everything on the intranet is accessed through a web browser.

    To secure access to the intranet, the company needs to ...
  • Using Online Forums To Promote Website Traffic  By : Anton Cheranev -
    Many web users frequently involve themselves in at least one online forum. Online forums are a great way to connect with others on a more personal level. Some forums are very informal and involve discussion on everyday issues, while others are more informational. If you are trying to find free ways to advertise your own website, using online forums to promote website traffic is a great idea. There are several ways you can use online forums to promote website traffic. You shou...
  • Get Traffic Jams With Referral Links On Your Website  By : Anton Cheranev -
    Are you running an Internet business and looking for a way to boost the traffic to your website? Would you like to increase your opt-in subscribers, get more referrals, quality leads and receive valuable feedback? Well you can, through the fastest growing marketing tool available - referral links. Referral links may cause traffic jams on your website, but in a good way. Internet businesses need website traffic in order to be successful. The more referral links to your website...
  • Internet Time Management  By : Rene Graeber -
    The Internet is taking over man’s normal way of living, so therefore when we consider time management, we must also consider the World Wide Web.

    It used to be to manage time; we had to consider family, friends, work, and ourselves.

    Now we have to consider emails, websites, advertising, marketing, and other key factors that are including in businesses today.

    At one time in our lives, we went to work for eight hours and returned home.

    Now we go to work and it is...
  • Free Targeted Traffic - Get It Now!  By : Larry A. Johnson -
    Anybody that has a web site wants more traffic, and specifically targeted traffic. Without targeted traffic (visitors that are truly looking for what you are selling) a very low percentage of your visitors will buy from your site.

    Although it is much tougher to get targeted traffic to your site the odds that someone will buy your products will be much higher. On the other hand, if you can get enough non-targeted traffic to your site, even with a low percentage of sales, yo...
  • How To Use Web Directories To Boost Traffic To Your Site  By : Robert Burko -
    You just got your website online. Everything is setup and you're ready to go. Excitement is high and the time has come to open your virtual doors to the millions and millions of Internet users around the globe. You put out the cyber welcome mat and declare your site ready for action. But, instead of sitting and watching the users trample over one another to get to your site, you see little to no traffic.

    Don't worry! This is something every webmaster goes through and is to...
  • Get A Web Hosting Merchant Account  By : Shane Penrod -
    When you started your business, perhaps you thought it was enough to make your goods available to a few neighbors in the community, with no thought of ever applying for a Web hosting merchant account. Then you might have expanded the company’s range by advertising in the newspaper or on the radio to get the word out to those who did not drive by your company in a typical day’s time. But now you’re poised to enter the electronic age as your company moves into the e-commerce er...

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