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  • 8 Easy Tips for Cheaper Home Insurance  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Home insurance is a necessary expense for most of us, but that doesn't mean we have to pay over the odds. Try these eight simple tips to see how you could reduce your premiums.
  • Home Owner Insurance Coverage – What Are The Basics?  By : Gavin Bloom -
    Homeowner insurance has a lot of different benefits and features but the actual coverage is divided into two policy sections. These sections protect you from the perils defined in the policy.

    Section I

    A – The Dwelling – The dwelling and attached structures

    B – Other Structures – structures un-attached

    C – Personal Property – contents of the dwelling

    D – Loss of Use – additional living expense

    The list of perils that a homeowner policy insures against are fi...
  • What Should Your Homeowners Insurance Cover?  By : Brandon Miller -
    There are many things to consider when purchasing your home insurance, here are a few things to look for when finding the right policy.

    Home Owners Liability Coverage

    Liability insurance is very important to a homeowner's coverage because it helps protect the owner and the family from financial disaster if someone files a claim against the homeowner's policy, sues the homeowner or if the courts hold the homeowner legally responsible for someone else's injury or property...
  • Home Insurance: Home owner insurance restrictions for dogs owners.  By : Mark Van Neem
    In recent years, many homeowners have found themselves unable to get homeowner insurance. Some have had their insurance cancelled, based solely on the breed of a dog. The fact is that since the mid-1990s the growing popularity of aggressive breeds has resulted in...
  • The Top Five Home Owner Insurance FAQ  By : Jessica Farrell -
    Whether you are a new home owner, or have owned your home for a longer period of time, there’s no doubt you have many questions about home owner’s insurance. You want to protect your home, your possessions, and your family. Below are five of the most frequently asked questions about home owner insurance.

    1. As a home owner, am I required to have insurance? Yes, in most cases, especially if you have a lender. It’s also wise to look into insurance if you are in the process o...
  • How To Pay Less On Home And Contents Insurance  By : Michael Challiner -
    Buildings Insurance went up again last year, costing homeowners another 1% a year, taking the average to just over £205 for a year's insurance. Contents insurance also went up, this time by 2% - now it costs the average homeowner £151 a year. However, some lenders are hiking prices even higher than that – Norwich Union for example, raised its prices by a whopping 6% last year.

    The question is - why? There's so much competition out there, you'd expect prices to be falling, ...
  • Home Insurance Rates - They Are Not Getting Any Cheaper  By : Gavin Bloom -
    With more and more home insurance rates increasing dramatically, homeowners are wondering if the costs are even worth the coverage. The fact is that you should always keep homeowners insurance. Your home is likely your largest investment. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure it stays insured. You would never drive around in your car without insurance, so don’t live in your home without insurance. Tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes are things that are rarely pr...
  • Are Your Home Insurance Premiums Constantly Rising?  By : Michael Challiner -
    Last year the UK's average premium for Buildings Insurance increased by 1% to just over £205 and the average for Contents Insurance rose to £151, up 2%. But within the market we've seen some much bigger rises – if you're with Norwich Union you'll have seen your premium rise by around 6%.

    So what's going on? Every year we see premiums rising. Surely with so much competition in the home insurance market, you wouldn't expect to see such inexorable rises in premiums?

  • The Home Warranty Doctor Is In!  By : Aaron Hoos -
    Would you go to your real estate agent for advice on the stock market? Probably not. While your real estate agent does help you with a different kind of investment – your home – that doesn’t make them automatically qualified to give you advice on the latest IPO from Wall Street.

    When you want good information you go to the authority. You go to the expert on the topic! Want investment information? See an investment specialist. Got a cough and fever? See a doctor. Want to bu...
  • Consumer Revolution In The Home Warranty Industry  By : Aaron Hoos -
    Imagine going to the grocery store… but when you get there, someone tells you what to buy. They load up your cart with goods – regardless of whether you need them or not – and expect you to pay full price for them.

    When you get home, what do you do? You toss out the sardines and the artichoke hearts and wish that you could have bought more toothpaste. But it simply wasn’t allowed.

    The problem with this scenario is that you have no choice and no control. Since someone el...


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