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  • Get on the Vintage Computer Bus System  By : maxwell Rubin
    Vintage Computer Add-in cards come in three basic flavors: 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit. These terms refer to the number of data bits the card sends out at one time. Ideally a 16-bit video card sends an image to the monitor in half the time it would take for an 8-bit version. It is important to know what kind of card your vintage computer accepts. The older PCs and XTs usually have an 8-bit or PC bus, which accepts the older PC bus, which accepts only the 8-bit cards. Vintage computers which are of more recent vintage use a PCI bus combined with ISA (Industry Standard Architecture).
  • Xserve an impressive multitude of potential used Server  By : Monica Craft
    Xserve is the name of Apple Computer's Macintosh 1U rackmount line of server computers.
  • Mac Pro Monitors  By : Harry Johnson
    Here are more than four million pixels in the first high-resolution 30-inch flat-panel display designed for a personal computer. All Apple Cinema Displays feature an anodized aluminum enclosure that look smart sitting next to your Mac.
  • All about SHARED WEB HOSTING  By : CompareWebhosts
    Shared hosting is the concluding solution for the commercial websites
    which is being in use by the majority of small online businesses. It is
    well versed with security and time-to-time up gradation in the field of
  • Computer Mice : Their Telephone Origins  By : maxwell Rubin
    We take the ubiquitous computer mouse for granted in our modern windows computers.

    What is the origin of the modern computer mouse.

    Xerox and your phone are the two answers.
  • Apple introduced FireWire audio interface for Garage Band  By : Nivea David
    The analog FireWire audio device, the first product of its recently created iPod division, will allow users to directly record audio using any Mac and Apple’s Garage Band music studio application.
  • The History and Origins of Our PC Computer Keyboards  By : maxwell Rubin
    The keyboard is among the most underappreciated and taken for granted component in our every day computer lives. We seldom stop to think why certain keys are laid out in the given way. Like it or not we owe a debt to thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the original IBM PC project engineers.
  • Online Discount Shopping Tips for As Seen on TV Products  By : Chris Robertson
    Do you long for those brilliant As Seen on TV products you missed throughout the years? Now you can go discount shopping online for all the As Seen on TV products you want. Here are some great tips...
  • Your Guide to Hidden Cameras and Other Security Cameras  By : Chris Robertson
    Here's a helpful guide for choosing a hidden camera or security camera for your home, business or other surveillance needs.
  • Early Vintage Computer Buses and Their Influence on the Computers You Take for Granted Today  By : Stoney Mountain
    The term “expansion bus “is a frequent term in vintage computer terminology which requires elaboration. Much of the legacy of vintage bus systems are in our current computer systems today.

    Thus the die was set for future hardware standards and software function as well as standard computer marketing concepts that we take for granted like mother’s milk today.
  • Online Lotteries Are the Latest Trend in Online Gaming and Network Marketing  By : Chris Robertson
    The latest lottery trend doesn't require waiting; online lotteries are taking off and players are entering with only a few clicks of a mouse.
  • 10.2 Jaguar : Apple's New Inovative and Revolution Mac OS X Version  By : Nivea David
    Mac OS X version 10.2 users a new graphics technology called Quartz extreme along with powerful video cards on many Macs shipped starting in 2001 to render fonts and with more precision.Mac OS X Version 10.2 offers a wide Variety of programs, utilities, and features that you can use to perform tasks and set up the system.
  • Apple surprise digital camera  By : Monica Craft
    Apple defined and launched the new category of computing and was a forerunner and inspiration of devices such as Palm Pilot and PocketPC.
  • Mac plus monitor Latest Mac Technology  By : Harry Johnson
    Mac Plus, tan, little to slight fading, with 4 Megs RAM, 800K floppy: ask for price, state cosmetic condition, note if you want a keyboard and mouse.
  • IBM Computer Diagnostics: Error and Beep Codes  By : Stoney Mountain
    IBM Computer Diagnostics

    Error and Beep Codes

    The following table includes some of the more common printed error codes that might be displayed when your vintage or non vintage IBM computer is performing the power-on self test (POST).

    Hopefully both the error , beep codes and outlines procedures will help you to diagnose or not diagnose your IBM computer
  • Majestic & Mountainous Montjuic  By : Anil Gupta
    The hill Montjüic or the Jewish mountain as it is popularly known is one of the most significant landmarks of Barcelona. The huge park lies 213 meters above the harbor and is today one of the major tourist attractions in Barcelona.
  • Apple Computer: An Innovative Technology  By : Monica Craft
    MOS Technology sold their 6502 chip, as opposed to Motorola 6800. Wozniak decided to change his choice of processor to the 6502 and began writing a version of BASIC that would run on it.
  • Apple Computer: An Innovative Technology  By : Monica Craft
    MOS Technology sold their 6502 chip, as opposed to Motorola 6800. Wozniak decided to change his choice of processor to the 6502 and began writing a version of BASIC that would run on it.
  • Utility of Macintosh in today’s corporate world  By : Monica Craft
    When we sending Apple Macintosh files, the format is compatible with existing mechanisms for distributing Macintosh files, while allowing non-Macintosh systems access to data in standardizes formats.
  • The Universal compatibility and Power Mac  By : Harry Johnson
    The more recently announced Apple's Mac mini has been turning some heads, even in the PC world. If the iMac G5 is basically a 1U server attached to a monitor,
  • Powerful and Cheapest Apple Computer Accessories for You  By : Monica Craft
    8 July, 2006, G4 Power Mac Speaker Guard
    Stylize your G4 Power Mac with this innovative speaker guard. It is one of a kind and delicately hand crafted from 100% aluminum.
  • Mac OS X just keeps getting better!  By : Harry Johnson
    7th July 2006, The newest cat in the pack, 10.4 Tiger, has new bells and whistles and terrific updates that make it even easier and more fun to use.
  • Mac takes the world by storm …..  By : Monica Craft
    28th June 2006, Though the operating system is much more advanced than earlier versions of the Mac OS, it still has the same ease-of-use that people have come to expect from Apple software.
  • Mac Parts - A great inventory on Apple Parts  By : Nivea David
    June 27, 2006 Apple introduced the Macintosh family in 1984 and today makes consumer, professional, and educational computers.
  • Do You Know The Encyclopedia of Mac...?  By : Monica Craft
    June26, 2006, Apple is an American computer technology corporation develops, sells, and supports a series of personal computers, portable media players, computer software, and computer hardware accessories.
  • Mac Computers are Gorgeous  By : Monica Craft
    24th June 2006 ,No doubt. Since they retain the hardware specs, and therefore, a lock on the hardware on which Jaguar will run, they've done a great job at making said hardware sleek, modern, and fancy. They've done a lot of work to make the computer look like a futuristic device.
  • Used Foundry Networks Hardware Remains in High Demand  By : Peter Gilberd
    The market for used IT hardware grows up as an increasing number of companies accept unavoidable risks for price savings.
  • Computer Parts - No More a Hidden Business  By : Harry Johnson
    Computer parts are an important peripheral for any business houses today. Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer, including the digital circuitry,
  • What type of asset labels do I need to buy for my school, office, company or college?  By : Stuey
    This article is designed to help people choose the correct asset labels for application in your School, Office, Company, College or University.
  • How To Save Money With Compatible Printer Inks  By : Carla Weaffer -
    Like many other long term owners of printers, over the years I've spent a fortune on printer ink. I even recall on one occasion I actually paid more for a replacement ink cartridge than I did for a bottle of good champagne. I always thought that as long as my printer kept printing then it was just another fact of life and there was little I could do about it so why complain?

    Back then, on average, I paid anything from £20 to £25 for my branded ink cartridges because I simp...
  • Choosing The Best Photo Printer  By : Carl Walker -
    So you have your new digital camera and clicking away to glory anything and everything in sight. Now you want to print them and you need the best photo printers to print your fantastic photos. Let us talk about the various printers in the market and some tips on choosing the best photo printers.

    Most of the printers could easily be purchased under $500. While all of them have similar features, it is better to be aware of certain key features that determines their price and...
  • Thinking About Home Protection?  By : Ken Donald -
    Why have monitored alarm systems?
    The point of having a monitored security system is that if a break-in occurs, the right authorities can be notified and dispatched. Your business or home is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected. You also have the use of the three panic buttons (police, fire & medical). And further, having a monitored alarm system can save you up to 20% off your home insurance.

  • CCTV: An Introduction To CCTV  By : Pete Childs -
    What is CCTV?

    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an installation of directly connected components creating a circuit which cannot be viewed by anybody outside of the circuit.

    This is different to a terrestrial television broadcast system which anybody with an antenna and reception equipment can view.

    Who needs a CCTV system?

    CCTV systems can be found virtually everywhere in these days. They are no longer considered an expensive luxury item, especially when you co...
  • Quick Blizzard Strategy  By : Jim Thio -
    In map legend there are eight groups of trolls. You can kill them with 3 successive blizzards.

    It’s very difficult to pull this out at day.

    I usually wait 'till night.

    You make an archmage. Then get close to them. Then click "shift b" and then aim the blizzard. When you’re aiming, click the left mouse button 3 times.

    Here is a catch; you must perform the triple click before you engage your enemy. Otherwise your mage will wait till he finish of the trolls before ca...
  • Wakeboards For Thrill And Action  By : Susan Chiang
    Wakeboarding is a great way to have fun in the water
  • Wakeboards For Thrill And Action  By : Susan Chiang
    Wakeboarding is a great way to have fun in the water.
  • How to prepare surfaces for Asset Tags and Asset Label Tags on Computers & IT equipment  By : Stuey
    A quick guide to surface preparation and application of asset label tags and asset labels so that they have an optimum bond and won't let you down.
  • How Does A Security System Work?  By : Gray Rollins -
    Protecting your family and your possessions is important to most people. A home security system may minimize the risk of having a burglar enter your home. Studies show that criminals will avoid risky ventures and will generally stay away from homes where there is some type of security device. Most thieves case the neighborhood to determine which homes are easiest to break into and will target those before risking getting caught by disarming an alarm system. Even if a thief do...
  • Choosing The Right Printer Paper For Your Needs  By : Lucila Duchesne -
    Many people think that it isn't important what kind of printer paper they use. Paper is paper right? I would have to disagree. First, you need to figure out what you are going to use the paper for. The second thing to determine is the right kind of paper for the kind of printer you own. Not all paper is suitable for all kinds of printers.

    When buying printer paper, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the brightness rating, the weight of the paper and t...
  • A Review Of Digital Camcorders  By : Scott Michaels -
    Digital camcorders that record directly to DVD discs are called DVD camcorders. Rather than recording to mini DV tapes, these models burn video to 8-centimeter DVD-RAM, DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. DVD-R and DVD-RW media can be read in most home DVD players, but DVD-RAMs are readable only in a few home players.

    Reviewers say there are some drawbacks to recording straight to DVDs. Because of frustrating incompatibilities between the various DVD formats and DVD editing software, r...
  • Here's How To Get Sound From Your Speakers  By : Sintilia Miecevole -
    This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. I hope you find this information helpful.

    You have tried and tried to get your speakes to work. You have the sound card and the speakers; so what is the problem? The first step is to check the connections. Most people accidentally plug the speaker jack into the Line-in Jack of the sound card. Check to see if this is what you did. If you have amplified speakers, make sure that the ...
  • Digital Camera Care  By : Sara Wells -
    After spending money on a quality digital camera, it is important to take the time to maintain it properly. Your camera will last much longer if you take preventative measures to keep it in the best condition.

    The most important, and delicate, component of your digital camera is the camera lens. This serves as your window to the world, and once scratched it will require professional intervention to fix. For this reason, it is imperative that you protect the lens. First of ...
  • The Ongoing Transition Of Hardware  By : Paul Babs -
    Before the 1970s the word “hardware” usually meant one of two things: the beautiful chrome handles on your new dresser and the kitchen cabinets, or the hammer, saw, and nails that you purchased at the local hardware store. Then came the computer boom! Hardware took on a new meaning! If all the programming that made a computer work were called software, then the hard box and its components took on the name of hardware.

    Hardware became a massive, competitive industry that ex...
  • How to choose a right PDA  By : beat-p4u
    There are a few questions before buying a new PDA. You should consider them carefully and choose a right product as there are too many products in the market.
  • Repair Your Own Laser Printer  By : Rich Geyer
    Do it yourself printer repair
  • Basics Of A Router  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Router is a computer device that receives or forwards data packets to and from the Internet towards a destination in the process called routing. Router is the essential component of the computer networking that enables any sent data to arrive at the right destination.

    As an illustration, imagine that the Internet is the world and one computer is one household. Other computers connected through the Internet are households around the world. Say one household will send a let...
  • V7 Digital Photo Printing  By : Mike Pedretti -
    Photographs are a way of preserving a moment in our lives for the rest of our lives. Many of us have at least been tempted at the flashy array of photo printers which seemingly leap off the shelves at even the least tech-savvy. It surely seems old fashioned to talk about 35mm film and non-digital cameras in today’s day and age. To our children, cameras not so feature rich with LCD screens and built in Wi-Fi is as foreign as Atari. However, the innovation of home photo printin...
  • Flash Card: When Size Really Matters  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Few years back, we never really imagined how memory storage would evolve into flash cards we know today. It is ever harder to believe that the tiny rectangular piece of plastic could store thousands of pictures, hundreds of songs, and even movies. Remember few years ago when storing files could mean we have to settle for 3.5” and the outrageously large 5.25”? You know what I mean right? Those we have thought the future of memory storage- the floppy disks? With the amazing cap...
  • CD Burner: The Day The Music Burns  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Before, owning a copy of your favorite artist would only mean buying either from a local music store or online music sites. And a copy with an average of 16-18 cuts would cost you at least $10. If you think this is reasonable, then consider yourself lucky. However, if you are one of those who cannot afford buying copies of their favorite artists and still would want to listen to them, all you can do is to wait until your local radio stations play their songs. If you have the ...
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth Security and New Year War-nibbling  By : Todd Friesen
    Why Bluetooth? Bluetooth Technology
    New technologies are swiftly becoming part of every aspect of human life. It's now impossible to imagine life without devices which a few years ago were only to be seen in sci-fi films.
  • Searching On The Web For A LCD Monitor With TV Tuner  By : Ryan Tenney -
    Are you searching for a LCD monitor with TV tuner? Are you on a budget and looking for a decent LCD monitor with TV tuner that is in your price range? The internet is a great place to start your search for a LCD monitor with TV tuner. Here you can not only read reviews and get an idea of what kind of model you are looking for, but you can also comparison shop to find the best deal on the web for a LCD monitor with TV tuner.

    A great place to start your search for a LCD moni...
  • Top 10 Uses For USB Drives  By : Marcus Grant -
    USB drive is one precious gift that mankind has received from technology. Universal Serial Bus or USB is famous with several different names such as Key Drive, USB Key Drive, USB Pen, Microdrive, Thumb Drive and Flash Drive.

    Regardless of the name, these USB drives are an excellent and exceptionally handy tool. They are exclusively for the people who use computers at several different locations and need to take data along with them. The USB drivers are great-to-use, as the...
  • Management Mass Data Storage Options  By : Matt Garrett -
    Management mass data storage uses different electronic devices that are used for storing a large amount of data. Due to advances in technology, management mass date storage has become fairly easy.

    Mass storage is a way for individuals or businesses to store sucessfully a large amount of data. The most common form of mass data storage is on computer drives. The most popular storage devices are:

    • Floppy disks
    • Hard disks
    • CD-Roms
    • USB ports

    According to Weboped...
  • Why You Should Recycle Ink Cartridges  By : Karl Smith
    Facts about ink cartridge recycling and why it is necessary to preserve our environment.
  • Laser Printers vs Inkjet Printers  By : Karl Smith
    Comparison of printing costs between laser and inkjet printers.
  • Device Drivers  By : AMH
    Not many people know about device drivers until they need to find one, be it for a printer or most commonly a modem driver. Finding one can be very difficult to say the least if you are using HSP based modem drivers.
  • What to buy after getting a PDA  By : beat-p4u
    After purchasing a PDA , what is the next is to get a case to carry or protect it. As you are going to prevent your investment from damage.
  • 7 Tips For Buying Cheap Laptop  By : Charles Wee
    Laptops are gaining in popularity these days. Almost everyone is carrying one now either for work or entertainment. Laptops with the latest technology are introduced to the market everyday and these new laptops come with a huge price tag. However, that does not mean you cannot get a good and cheap laptop. I have put together a guide that may help you out in your hunt for a cheap and good laptop.

    Buy cheap laptop with older technology

    Rapid advance in technology makes it...
  • Wireless Installation Checklist  By : Lee Asher
    Buyer Beware - Ignorance can be a financial waste and a lot of hassals. Before you buy any wireless equipment, you need to be sure about what you're doing.


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