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  • Choosing The right Golf Bag  By : Acario Daire
    One must consider a few things before selecting the bag that suits him/her the best. First, one should decide if he/she wishes to walk the course or use a cart. Although carry bags won't be heavy, it won't contain as many 'extra' items either. A cart bag, on the other hand, will be heavier but will include more features.
  • Do You Always Have to Buy from the Ladies' Golf Section?  By : Janet Strain
    When you're growing up as a young female golfer, it's exciting to go into the sports store or browse on the Internet and find the products and accessories that are just right for a girl's game.
    But as you grow up and your game gets better, you start to realize that you might have to start
  • Utility Golf Carts; The Benefits of Repowering  By : Ben Anton
    This article summarizes the pros and cons of repowering a utlity vehicle. Whether it's one or one hundred, this article explains why it's not only the budget conscious choice, it's also the best environmental choice.
  • How to Choose the Right Equipment for Playing Golf  By : Peter Shine
    Playing golf needs a lot of equipment and it is quite difficult to find out which types of equipment suit you. Sometimes, you may not even aware what kinds of equipment are really needed. Learning the ways and strategies to choose the right type of equipment which suits yourselves is one of the essential golf training aid which could not only save your money but also improve your golfing skill effectively.
  • How to Overcome Awkward Lies and Troubles- Golf Teaching Tool  By : Peter Shine
    Many of the practice areas are flat. It is much easier to hit the golf ball in a flat surface. However, most of the golf courses are not. A master golfer could manufacture shots and get the golf ball onto the green from any lies. A consistent swing shape could definitely improve your technique in controlling those awkward lies. This article serves as a golf training aid to improve your skills in dealing with different awkward lies and troubles.
  • World’s Top Five Golf Courses  By : Tom Takihi
    Wonder where the world’s richest, famous, and avid golfers tee off? In a sport where the playing field is not as rigid or as restricted as other forms of sport, the outdoor can make the difference. Where nature is not only the backdrop but the playing field itself, how this sport is played is what
  • How To Buy Golf Awards  By : J. Newton -
    So, you've been a member of your golf club for years now. You have become a regular participant in every tournament that is offered to you. You are really enjoying the social aspects of club membership and now somehow (you're not really sure how) you volunteered to head the awards committee. Screw this up and you can be sure you won't find yourself on the top of anyone's party invite list. Don't fear, here is an easy to follow guide on how to organize the task.

    O.K., so wh...
  • The Heel/Toe Weighting Concept For Golf Putters Is Here To Stay  By : Stephen Downarowicz -
    The TOWD (True Orbit Weighting Dynamics) design family of putting instruments are for those players seeking an advanced skill level. By inducing a precise and repeatable putting stroke, through a near perfect arced pendulum effect, with a consistent, passive face rotation, The TOWD putters generate optimal passive feel, making TOWD putters the most advanced and easiest to use putting instruments in the game. Playing on undulating greens, of variable speed, the feel from TOWD ...
  • Synchronizing Your Arms And Body  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Whatever your golf handicap is, you’ve probably experienced days when everything on the course seemed to fall into place. You’re golfing with a fun-loving foursome. You’re playing a great course on a great day. And you’re driving, chipping, and putting well. In fact, you’re doing everything well. It all seems so easy.

    And, then, for no apparent reason, you lose it. You can’t do anything right. Your drives miss the fairways. Your approach shots fall way short. And your chip...
  • Golf – History Of A Game In Constant Evolution  By : Mr Hanna -
    The true origins of the game now called golf have been hotly debated over the years, as throughout history almost every civilisation has played some form of game with a club and a ball. Various competing ideas have been put forward as to its initial derivation and over the years there have been many different ways to play. Probably the one constant that is universally accepted, is that the original essence of the modern game can trace its origins back to the pastime of “gowf”...
  • Golf Tips For A Better Golf Swing  By : George Gabriel -
    Golfing can be an expensive past time, especially if you have to take golf lessons to boot. Taking golf lessons gives you the ability to have someone guide you and spot critical mistakes in your golf swing. There is another alternative to golf lessons even though golf lessons are the fastest and best way to a better golf game.

    There is a lot of good reading material on the Internet that helps in solving your slice, hook, or whatever problem you have getting the golf ball t...
  • Choosing The Right Course For Beginners  By : Jimmy Bonner -
    Taking out the phonebook and picking a course for its name is not a good idea for beginning golfers. Choosing a course is one of the most important decisions a golfer can make when they are first starting out. Golfers need to have confidence to continue to excel at their game, if they choose a course too hard this could ruin ones passion for the game. Conversely golfers won’t want to play a course too easy because they must be challenged to play their best each time they step...
  • Making The Right Golf Community Decision  By : Robert Flournoy -
    For golfers, choosing to buy a home in a golf course community might seem as easy as swinging the club on a fine spring morning. Over 2700 golf course communities have been built across the United States, with more anticipated each year. With over 26 million golfers in this country, builders clearly have a ready-made clientele for homes designed with a view of the greens. But golf course communities have an appeal for buyers who are not avid golfers, too. Many people enjoy th...
  • Stay Fit During Winter With Snowshoes  By : Susan Chiang
    The Outdoor Industry Foundation reported that in 2004 nearly 4.7 million Americans went snowshoeing. Snowshoeing at present is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing winter recreational sports next to skiing.
  • Guide To Myrtle Beach Golf Courses  By : Charles & Susan Truett
    The Myrtle Beach area includes more than one hundred golf courses throughout, with the golfing being offered on an individual basis and also through golf package deals.
  • Fancy A Golfing Holiday? Here’s My Top 5 Destinations  By : Nick Carter -
    Are you in the mood for a golfing holiday? If so, let me tempt you with my top 5 favourite places to play a few rounds.

    Costa Brava
    Costa Brava is a barely known location for most of the inexperienced golf players. However, lately more and more professionals gather to this unique place for conventions and matches. Tranquility, peace and beautiful countryside are what Baix and Alt Emporda can offer to the traveler. This is also, a place where rich Spanish folks retreat for...
  • Beginning Golfer Shoots Lower Score  By : Manogolf
    Golf is a great way to enjoy time with your family and friends. Whether you play a leisure round of nine holes or are able to enjoy a full round of eighteen holes, the game of golf is rewarding on many levels. The best news is every beginning golfer can shoot a resonable score.
  • Dealing With Down Slopes  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    In some of my golf tips I tell the story about playing a course which had severe fairway undulations. I could see where the course would be discouraging for recreational golfers. I seldom had a flat lie on the course. In fact, it was so hilly, I was almost always hitting from some kind of slope. More often than not, I was hitting down hill.

    If you’ve ever played a course like this—and you probably have—you know how tricky hitting from a downhill lie can be. It’s especially...
  • Avoiding "Golf Overload" - Your Guide To Finding The Right Golf Instruction Tutorials  By : Blair MacGregor
    I'm sure you've been made familiar with the popular golf aids & tutorials that you've seen in the pro shops, online at bookstores like Amazon and on specialty sites all over the web. You might even be suffering from golf overload! While your first inclination might be to give that new product a try,
  • PGA Tour Players go from Fighting Adversity to Decompressing  By : Cathy Jones
    The PGA Tour’s first mayor championship was disputed this year and the second stage goes from the 7,445 yard long field to a field almost 500 yards shorter and with 10 weeks to lessen the pressure in all the aspects.
  • Have They Improved The Masters Golf Championship?  By : Patrick Porter -
    Bobby Lopez, past touring professional and swing guru say’s, “I Don’t Think So.”

    Bobby Lopez goes on to explain, “I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the powers to be at The Masters Golf Championship. They’ve ruined my favorite golf tournament. I’m quite certain that Bobby Jones is turning in his grave!”

    He sights the Master’s decision to lengthen their golf course to the point that 90% of the field doesn’t have a prayer in competing for the opening major champion...
  • Warming Up For A Round Of Golf  By : Ken Snowie -
    When it comes to warming up for a golf game, a lot of golfers think that hitting the driving range is enough. Actually, working on your different swings and getting familiar with the weather conditions will help to make your golf game the best it can be.

    Golfing on a windy day is much different than if the air is calm. Your golf game is also affected on days when the temperature is hot than when it’s more moderate. Here are a few warm-up tips from those who hit the golf co...
  • The Perfect Golfing Day Out  By : Ken Snowie -
    What would be your perfect golf outing? It’s likely not the same for anyone, with different ideas in mind.

    A lot of golfers consider the ideal trip to be going to a nationally renowned golf course and playing on it, knowing that famous golfers had played there. Many avid golfers would give anything for that chance. These are the courses where the legends have played and won major tournaments - players like Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods.

    For some golfers, though, the pe...
  • Golf Clubs – Getting The Perfect Fit  By : Ken Snowie -
    When it comes to golfing, not any old golf club will do for you. You know this if you have ever been on the golf course having make up for a club that is too long or not long enough. Besides adversely affecting you game, using golf clubs that do not fit your body can cause aches and pains after using them for a while. And if you are concentrating on making up for the poor fit of your clubs, then you probably aren’t focused on playing your best gold game.

    That doesn’t neces...
  • Avoiding The Golf Traps  By : Ken Snowie -
    It’s every golfer’s worst-case scenario – You’re golfing great, you’ve got a perfect swing, the perfect stance, and you were able to get rid of that slice that’s been on your back. NO matter how well everything goes, even the best golfer can find himself (or herself) occasionally stuck in a sand trap, stuck in the grass or trapped behind a giant tree on the golf course. Unfortunately, the traps are what make the game interesting. Without them, the game would probably become b...
  • The Best Golf Vacation You Will Ever Have  By : Randall Ulbricht -
    "What If You Could... Have the perfect group golf vacation, save money and have a sensational time setting it up?"

    You’ve waited all year to get together with your friends for your annual golf vacation. It was supposed to be perfect, but you bought "the package" and your outing turns out to be simply adequate.

    You all had such high hopes, but you had to take what you got.

    Sound familiar? Have you been on the receiving side of a less than perfect golf vacation that yo...
  • Lehman uninjured  By : Alfred Johnson
    The lasted news in the Golf world was the arrest of golf player Troy Willis Smith who was jailed Wednesday night after shooting at Lehman's car. The principal suspect is being held on two felony counts each of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm in commission of a crime
  • The Perfect Golfing Day Out  By : Ken Snowie
    What would be your perfect golf outing? It’s likely not the same for anyone, with different ideas in mind.
  • Avoiding the Golf Traps  By : Ken Snowie
    It’s every golfer’s worst-case scenario – You’re golfing great, you’ve got a perfect swing, the perfect stance, and you were able to get rid of that slice that’s been on your back. NO matter how well everything goes, even the best golfer can find himself (or herself) occasionally stuck in a sand trap, stuck in the grass or trapped behind a giant tree on the golf course.
  • Beginning Golf Instruction tips: Getting a feel for the approach shot  By : Blair MacGregor
    After mastering the concept of the tee shot, the next step as a golf instruction beginner is to move on to the short game and what are known as approach shots.
    For most people, these shots will be increasingly more difficult because they require more skill & patience than a simple tee shot
  • Golf Fitness Exercises For The Woman Golfer  By : Sean Cochran -
    It is well known in professional golf how integral golf fitness exercises are for success at the highest level of golf. Men on the PGA Tour and women on the LPGA Tour understand the benefits of golf fitness exercises in achieving success. Outside the circles of professional golf many questions exist about golf fitness exercises. Questions such as; what are the best exercises to improve golf fitness levels, are flexibility exercises and stretches better than other forms of gol...
  • How To Optimally Prepare For The Golf Season With Golf Fitness Exercises  By : Sean Cochran -
    The PGA Golf Tour is in full swing and for many parts of the country and world the golf season is upon us. Many of you are anxious to dust off the golf clubs and get out to the golf course for your first round of golf. A question that may be on your mind is how do I get ready? How do I knock off 6 months of rust on my golf swing, feel comfortable with my driver on the first tee, and post a good golf score at the end of the round?

    All questions that are asked often in the w...
  • Why Are Golf Courses Designed The Way That They Are  By : Carl Walker -
    No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours you are bound to come across at least a few golf courses. These days golf courses are the must have for all countries and that is because now more than ever, golf is a major tourist attraction. People travel far and wide to visit the best and most talked about golf courses. That is why so much time and effort, not to mention money is poured into these projects each and every year.

    If you love to play golf then you kno...
  • How To Drive The Golf Ball Straighter And Longer With Golf Fitness Exercises  By : Sean Cochran -
    This is probably a burning desire of most every golfer on the planet. The desire to drive the golf ball farther and straighter, allowing us to lower our golf scores on the golf course. One of the keys to driving golf the straighter and longer is a golf fitness program. This type of a training program incorporates exercises to improve your golf swing.

    An amateur recently sent me an e-mail describing how he is driving the golf longer and straighter than ever before. He plain...
  • How A Muffin Tin Can Improve Your Golf Game  By : Gray Rollins -
    Any golfer will tell you that a lot of confusion can stem from not being able to identify your ball on the course. When two balls fall near to the hole but also near to each other, the debate over which player made which shot can get quite uncomfortable. This kind of awkward situation can take a lot of the fun out of this otherwise soothing sport, and can negatively affect your ability to play well.

    During an argument, your muscles naturally tense in order to prepare you ...
  • Golf Balls That Match Your Skills  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Any golfer knows the role of the golf balls in their plays. No matter how good a golfer is, if he is without golf balls then his skills have no value. Every golfer knows these facts. This is why golf balls had become the primary commodities among golfers.

    There is no general way to determine which golf ball is best for individual players. This factor is almost entirely dependent on the golfer's own preference, what he may do with the ball and how much will his pockets allo...
  • Golf Bags: What To Choose  By : Robert Thatcher -
    Your golf bag is a piece of golf accessory that allows you to carry all your other equipment with you such as the clubs, tees, markers, and perhaps an umbrella or towel. This piece of equipment doesn't necessarily have direct effects on your game but may have great influence on your overall game, comfort and fatigue level.

    There are two major things that may affect your choice of golf bag- the gears that you will put into the bag and the way you will carry the bag. Are yo...
  • Guidelines For Better Golf Games  By : Robert Thatcher -
    You would normally hear novice golf players complain that golf is quite frustrating. This is because the game is rather difficult to play. Not because of the nature of the golf game itself but mainly because players need to achieve a certain level of mastery over the game.

    Golf is such that one needs to work for it. One really has to toil for it and most of the time, get frustrated along the course. This is almost natural and majority of golf players runs through such cir...
  • Phil Mickelson’s Pebble Beach History  By : Aurel Radulescu
    Mickelson believes in his fans just as they believe in him. A kind autograph signer, both in person and through the mail, he is a popular fan favorite.
  • Golfing – The Joy Of Golf  By : Bill McRea -
    I started playing golf as a way to entertain clients and socialize with my business vendors. If you have decided to take up golf as a hobby you will be rewarded with the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and the addition of many new friends and acquaintances. You will also be humbled by the process of learning HOW to golf. Like any project you approach in life your attitude and expectations will determine your enjoyment of the game.

    You will learn that the road to a low han...
  • Change Your Life With Some Great New Golf Tips  By : Tony Brings -
    Good golfing means good golf tips and to find them there are some definite things you need to do. The best golf tips may not grow on trees but there are tons out there for you and all you have to do is look for them, and not that hard either. They are literally everywhere! Some of the best golf tips will be a little harder to find than some of the others but you will have no problem finding hundreds of golf tips that will change the way that you play golf forever. Of course t...
  • How To Read Greens Like A Pro  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Ever hit a putt you thought was going in only to have it drift wide right? If you have, chances are you misread the green. My golf lessons teach that reading greens takes skill, good judgment, and experience. Since there’s no formula for determining the direction a ball must start based on the slope of the green and the distance to the hole, reading greens is key to sinking more putts. And sinking more putts, as my golf tips emphasize, produces a lower golf handicap.

  • Components Of An Effective Pre-Shot Routine  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Developing consistency isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult for golfers whose practice time is limited by their work and/or their families. But there are some things that these golfers can do to help themselves develop consistency, even when they’re unable to get to a range or are on the road traveling. One is practicing their pre-shot routine— something my golf tips often discuss.

    Unfortunately, many golfers don’t have a pre-shot routine. If they do have a routine, they ...
  • Is it the golf clubs or something else?  By : Jimmy Byars
    Once, when asked his opinion about some latest and greatest golf club, Lee Trevino said, "It's not the arrows.... it's the Indians!" In other words, "It's not the clubs, it's the swing!"
  • Bargain Golf Equipment – How To Find The Best Deals On All Your Favorite Golf Equipment  By : John Bolt -
    Everyone in this world loves a good bargain, and for golf equipment the song remains the same. The one thing to remember is that bargain doesn’t always have to mean cheap, used, or damaged. You can find some really good buys if you just spend a little time and research to find what you’re after. Let’s look closer at the different avenues to finding some great bargain golf equipment.

    Previously Owned Gear

    This is a perfect place to start for any golfer just beginning the...
  • How To Integrate Weight Training Properly Into Your Golf Exercise Program  By : Sean Cochran -
    Are you too confused about weight training for golf?

    There are many opinions in the golf world on whether weight training is beneficial or counter-productive to the golf swing.

    On the PGA Tour it is a well-known fact that the majority of professional golfers are implementing golf fitness exercises into their training regimen. The goal of such golf fitness exercises is to improve their play on the golf course.

    First and foremost, as a professional strength and condi...
  • Taking Up Golf  By : John Rivers -
    Golf has always been a popular sport among many different people. It is often associated with executive businessmen and while it is true that golf is a particularly popular choice with many businessmen, it is also popular in other walks of life. There are a number of good reasons to take up golf but the only real way to find out if it is a good choice for you is to give it a go. You should be able to borrow or rent some clubs in order to play a couple of rounds of golf becaus...
  • It May Not Be Your Golf Swing Thats Rubbish  By : David Barnard -
    You could be making a big mistake blaming your mishits and mishaps on your golf swing?

    No matter how much time and effort you have been spending, grooving your golf swing to perfection, you still will not achieve your goal if you are using unsuitable or defective golf clubs, will you?

    Now is the time for you to consider the following Golf Tip - this covers an examination of your golf clubs quality.

    If you plan on buying used golf clubs as beginner's tools, scrutiniz...
  • How To Prepare For A Golf Tournament  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Preparing for a golf tournament, as golf instruction explains, is one of the keys to playing your best golf. If you play in golf tournaments, develop a pre-tournament routine that prepares you for the day ahead.

    One challenge when preparing for a tournament is time. You might not have much before teeing off, so make sure you get to the course early as possible. A pre-tournament routine gets the most of the time you have and lets you work on a lot of things in a short amou...
  • My Golfing Life As A Hooker!  By : David Barnard -
    Here's my warning to all wannabe golfer's, if you start on this sorry path, and do nothing to stop it, you will lead a life of pain and anguish.

    All my golfing life I've been a hooker!

    How or why it started I don't know.
    I never wanted it to happen, it just did.

    When I first started hooking, it was not every shot. It just sort of creeps up on you, over days, weeks, even months, and gets gradually worse, until nearly every shot is hanging left. And I don't mean just ...
  • Improve Your Golf Swing And Driving Distance With Golf Stretches  By : Sean Cochran -
    The golf swing is arguably one of the most difficult athletic actions to perform. The golf swing requires you to draw the golf club through a long range of motion with proper technique and exact timing.

    Any error in swing plane, timing, or sequence will cause your golf swing to suffer, and suffer it will. Unfortunately, the result of your golf swing suffering will be errant shots, poor golf scores, and frustration on the golf course.

    Often the amateur is at a lost for ...
  • Handling Tee Box Pressure In Golf  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    If you’ve played golf for any length of time, you have undoubtedly encountered a situation or two which made you nervous. This phenomena is called ‘tee box pressure’, or TBP for short.

    Perhaps it’s happened when you were getting ready to hit your tee shot off #1 with a dozen people watching. Maybe it was when you were paired with the top golfer in your club championship. Whatever the situation, one thing is sure: every golfer will find themselves dealing with TBP sooner o...
  • Developing Your Own Golf Style  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    You really do need to develop your own golf style. Now, that may seem like an obvious statement, but some beginners think that all they have to do is imitate Tiger Woods' every move and they'll become an instant golf success.

    Unfortunately, it's just not that easy. There are no shortcuts to becoming a good golfer.

    To begin with, no two people ever swing at a golf ball in exactly the same way. Next time you're at the driving range, stand and watch the rows of people sl...
  • Getting Out Of The Rough  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    During the 1972 British Open at Muirfield, Scotland, Tony Jacklin and Lee Trevino attacked the 9th hole from the tee. Jacklin went for the carry over the left-hand fairway bunker, while Trevino played more conservatively down the right side. Both finished in the rough, but within iron distance of the green. Two amazing shots followed, both landing about 20 yards (18 m) short of but running onto the green. Both players then holed their putts for eagles.

    Hitting into the rou...
  • Golf Swing Thoughts Help Develop Consistency  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Swing thoughts on the practice range are an unquestioned strategy. They simplify a complex situation. They speed the learning process. And they help develop trust in your swing. How about during a match? Do swing thoughts help there? What are the best swing thoughts to have?

    While instructors differ on which are the best swing thoughts during a match, they all agree on one thing: Thoughts like “Keep your elbow tucked in,” Finish with your belt buckle facing the target,” or...
  • Looking Beyond The Tip  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Golf is not just about looking at the best golf club tip in town. There are also other factors that you should consider.

    Stay relaxed

    One of things that you should remember is so easy and simple to do but ironically, most golfers forget it. It is to relax. Although of course, for many people, relaxing is easier said than done, especially on the first round, since it brings intense pressure. This additional pressure will increase the heart rate of your body and will dim...
  • Know Your Course: Greens  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Golfers are very picky of the golf course where they want play. They don't like playing in areas where the greens were just punched. That is why keepers of the greens implement a lot of methods to make sure expert care is given and golfers play golf without being annoyed.

    There are a lot of problems that resemble a nightmare if no perfect trouble shooting tips are used. One aspect that is very important in keeping a good greens is the drainage. Although, this is often over...
  • Las Vegas Golf Tips  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Trying golf and looking for that perfect hot green spot to visit and swing that club on? Perhaps you are looking for Las Vegas; an excellent environment for beginners and professionals alike.

    Las Vegas is known for its wonderful golf courses. To date, there are at least 40 golf courses offering the best golf tee time packages that everyone will surely find enjoyable.

    The following tips are designed to make your booking for golf tee times as ideal and perfect as possib...
  • Know Your Course: Weather Conditions  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Sunny weather can be very conducive for most sports enthusiasts. The scorching heat of the sun can even boost ones stamina to do better in any game. However, ever knew of any game that can be played even when there's a rainstorm? Surely, not many people can enumerate any sport that can be executed even when its raining hard.

    All sports, especially those played outdoors are affected by the changes in weather conditions. The first to be really impacted upon are the players w...
  • Know Your Equipment: Beat Your Opponent With The Right Stuff  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    For so many years now, golf equipment has definitely developed in terms of elegance and the right tactics. From golf balls to the more complex golf items, it has gradually become a complete big industry out there.

    Since its inception, back in the 15th century in Scotland, golf has intricately fabricated itself in the social market as the sport of the leaders and the privileged entrepreneurs. No wonder why most of the bosses and the managers find time to conduct tournaments...
  • Know Your Course: Tees  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Since its inception, golf has been the world’s most elegant sport. The rules and the discipline entailed in every golfer is the main reason why the game is considered to exude sheer combination of style and sportsmanship in the game.

    However, golf will not be complete without its basic components. These things are used to facilitate the process of playing the game.

    One of the main components of golf is the tee. On its basic concept, golf tees are those used as stands th...
  • Golf Course Management  By : George Gabriel -
    Playing a good round of golf comes with a lot of good golf course management. Sure it is great to know how to have a great golf swing, but if you haven’t got course management, then you haven’t got a game plan.

    Have you ever noticed a professional golfer standing beside their caddie in a discussion about the next golf shot at hand? You can rest assured that they were not talking about Larry King live, unless he was in the pro-am the day before and he was leading the tourna...
  • Are Those The Right Golf Clubs For You?  By : Carl Walker -
    What kind of golf clubs are you playing with these days? Are they the golf clubs that you should have chosen? Really? Do you even know? There are many different kinds of golf clubs out there and if you did not check them all out before you made your final decision you have no way of knowing if you choose correctly.

    Purchasing golf clubs is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing that you will ever have to do when it comes to playing golf. Your gol...
  • Phil Mickelson’s Pebble Beach History & A Treat For Autograph Seekers  By : Aurel Radulescu
    Mickelson believes in his fans just as they believe in him. A kind autograph signer, both in person and through the mail, he is a popular fan favorite. Golf fans who aren’t fortunate enough to ask in person may request an autograph through the mail.
  • Golf Club 101  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Should one decide to play golf, the essential thing that a person needs is a set of golf clubs. Most people who are not sure whether to invest more in the game prefer to borrow a set provided by the club or buy a used one. A person can acquire a second hand set from a golf specialty store or buy it from a professional golfer who may want to sell the used set to buy a new one.

    When that person feels that one is ready to get serious with the sport, the individual may now de...
  • Golf Shops  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Golf is a game that one can learn easily if one has enough determination and can invest in the right equipment. Beginners or professionals in the sport of golf should always use the best that is available which can be purchased from a reputable store and the best place to get it is in golf specialty shop. Places like these have everything from golf clubs, to balls, to shoes and clothes which are the essentials when one is an enthusiast of walking the green.

    If one is not s...
  • Golf Playing Tips: Learn How To Play Golf In 5 Easy Ways  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    For people who are into playing golf, nothing matters most for them than to have a better score when playing the game. This is because most golfers usually take their gratifications in the scores that they make.

    Therefore, for people who want to increase their playing skill, here is a list of some tips that they can use to improve their gaming performance.

    1. Pump up before the game starts

    Every golfer must first learn the things they have to do before they play the ...
  • Golf Apparel Buying Tips  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Here are some buying tips for wet season golf gears:

    1. Waterproof trousers and jackets. When heavy rain comes, waterproof gears will protect your body from being wet, making sure that you remain totally dry under your trousers and jacket.

    Goretex is the material commonly used for such waterproof gears and the most effective and efficient waterproofing material available. It uses an absorbent film either in between textile layers or sealed to a layer. The film openings ...
  • Golf Bag Buying Tips  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    A golf bag is an essential equipment that one uses to transport all golf accessories such as golf balls, golf clubs, markers, tees and even umbrellas and towels.

    Golf bags have no influence whatsoever on the result of the game, however, they can greatly affect the players game by way of offering comfort as the player makes his round through the course.

    As to how much load in your gear you are carrying and if you are carrying the bag by yourself or using a golf cart or...
  • Modern Golf Drivers – Hitting Farther  By : JP Book -
    A month before our big golf tournament this summer my partner made me go out and buy a modern 460cc driver. He said it would help my game and help the team. Being a team player, I bought the new driver and took it to the driving range and quickly learned a few things. I had a hard time consistently hitting the ball, but when I got a solid hit, the ball went farther and I had more control. I made a few calls, got some advise, came back to the range, practiced what I learned an...
  • Keep Your Golf Swing In Shape All Year With A Golf Fitness Program  By : Sean Cochran -
    Some PGA Tour players have been playing for a couple of weeks in Hawaii and California. Others like Vijay and Ernie have been playing on the European Tour. Regardless of how many tournaments the pros have played this year, they have been working on their games for more time than most of us realize. Make no mistake about it: in golf – or baseball, football, basketball or any other pro sport – there is no longer an off-season.

    So while this may be the first official shot of...
  • Going The Distance With Golf Instructions  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Like any sports, golf entails some fundamental instructions on rules, method, customs, and equipment. These golf instructions, aside from practices, are important in order to become an expert golfer.

    Hence, in the United States, any golfer can gain the same knowledge that most professional golfers have obtained by enrolling in golf schools or training centers that are duly licensed by the U.S. Golf Teacher’s Federation or the Professional Golfers Association.

    For those...
  • Getting The Right Golf Clubs For You  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    With so many clubs out there, deciding which one to get can be a tough decision. Here are some tips on how to narrow down the selection.

    - Decide on your levels for playing

    Some play for the weekend game and there are others who’d like to move up in the ranks. If the occasional game is your pace, a low- to mid-performance club can work for you, while a high-performance club is suited to those who’ll play more regularly.

    - Set a budget

    The notion that the more ex...
  • Used Equipment For Golf  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Golf is a game one can learn in no time. One way to become good in this game is to have enough determination and patience, and knowing which club to use and how to putt properly. This activity is very affordable and should that person want to get serious at it, one can easily join some tournaments then perhaps proceed on to the big leagues.

    People who want to start playing the game will easily get the hang of it by just watching how others swing and putt the ball into the ...
  • Driving In The Green - Golf Cart Tips  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    When playing golf, it is quite difficult to carry a bag with the different clubs even with the company of a caddy. This is because the bag weighs a lot and of course, be it 18 or 36 holes, is a long walk. It is a good thing that there are golf carts to get from one hole to another which will save the person time and energy especially if one is playing for a lot of money in a golf tournament.

    The first golf car was launched in 1962 and since then has made some modifications...
  • Callaway Golf - Tips And Useful Information For The Avid Golfer - Part 2  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Callaway Golf is one of the most respected names in the golf industry for its quality of products that cater to both recreational and professionals alike. As part of its efforts to give its customers the best, be it with their products or services, the company has produced Callaway Golf Magazine and released its first issue early 2004. Just recently, last November 2005, the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) of New York City’s University Club made the magazine the Bronze Award w...
  • Is Your Golf Driver A Little Dusty?  By : George Gabriel -
    Playing good golf requires the knowledge and use of every golf club in the bag. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a golfer leaving their driver in the bag when teeing it up on the tee box. I always ask the same question over and over again, and get the same answer. “Why do you leave the driver in the bag on long golf holes?” “I cannot hit my driver off of the tee box.” Has always been the same response. Typically they duff any other club they choose, but blame it on a bad...
  • An Easy And Simple Golf Conditioning Program  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Your body dictates your golfing ability. There’s no way around it. If you’re fit, chances are you’ll play better golf. If you’re not fit, chances are you’ll play poorly. While you should stay in shape all year round, the winter is great for starting a golf-specific fitness program. Regardless of age, gender, or playing level, participating consistently in a golf-specific exercise program pays dividends in your game and in your life.

    A golf-specific conditioning program con...
  • Can You Do Your Own Golf Cart Maintenance?  By : Carl Walker -
    Golf carts are something that many people not only want to have but also need to have. It can be awfully tiring to trek across the golf course every day and for some people, especially those who are older or not in the best health it can be downright impossible. That is why they need to have golf carts. But if you have your own golf carts, who is going to be the one to fix it when something goes wrong with it?

    When you are looking to purchase golf carts you need to keep in...
  • Golf Travel Cases – Avoid Vacation Mishaps By Protecting Your Clubs In Advance  By : John Bolt -
    Avoid all the grief! Golf clubs are awkward and heavy to lug around – especially when you’ve already got other luggage to carry. Golf travel cases can make your life easier if you get the proper kind. They’re a must have for any golfer who wants to take their clubs with them. Let’s face it, rental clubs are truly out of the question because they’re just not the same as your own. Here are few simple but critical things to look for in a car or airline golf travel case.

    The C...
  • Golfers- Crush Your Drives...And Keep It In Play!  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    So you want to drive like Tiger and putt like Ben Crenshaw, huh? Don’t we all.

    Long drives and accuracy are a bit like oil and water in terms of a combination but they don’t have to be. Just imagine if you could hit your drives consistently in the fairway 250 yards + nearly every time…wouldn’t that make the game a lot easier…and fun?

    Having a good tee ball is critical to your confidence and placing the ball where you can score. We all can get easily frustrated when thi...
  • Simple Indoor Golf Drills To Keep Your Game In Shape During The Winter  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    Master the three scoring clubs—the driver, the wedge, and the putter—and you’ll improve your game dramatically. With 14 clubs to hit, golfers often have trouble deciding which part of their game to work on. If you’re serious about working on your game, focus on the three scoring clubs. They have the greatest impact on your score.

    Unfortunately, not all of us live in a climate where we can always practice outdoors. Even if we do, we don’t always have the time to go to a dr...
  • How To Choose The Right Shaft Flex For Your Golf Clubs  By : Jack Moorehouse -
    All low handicappers and golfers who are serious about shooting the lowest scores possible consider flex in their clubs. It makes the science of hitting the ball so much easier, which translates to more enjoyment on the course.
    Now, when I say "flex", I am referring to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. Just go ahead and “waggle” your club a little and see how much the shaft bends and you will get an idea of what “flex” is....
  • Select The Best Golf Balls To Improve Your Game  By : Keith Kingston -
    When it comes to trying to select the best golf balls, there are literally hundreds of different types, brands and sizes that you can to choose from. Each golf ball manufacturer makes a number of different types of balls all designed with different playing styles, different types of players and different price brackets. So as a consumer how do you go about selecting the best golf balls for your needs? This is easy when you consider that golf ball manufacturers generally break...
  • A Brief History Of Golf  By : Keith Kingston -
    When looking at a brief history of golf, it is useful to know that the origins of the game itself are not really that clear. Back in Roman times, the Romans played a game that somewhat resembled golf. In this game they used club shaped branches to strike a feather-stuffed ball. It is thought that the Dutch playing a similar game on their frozen canals about the 15th century and other cross-country variations were popular in France and Belgium around this time too.

    In 1457...
  • Jet Fuel For Your Golf Swing  By : Sean Cochran -
    Improving your golf swing, golf game, and scores on the golf course hinges upon a lot of factors. Obviously, improving your golf swing, putting, short game, and golf course management will help. Most golfers, not all golfers mind you, ignore their golf fitness. Is your body strong, flexible, and powerful? Can your body fuel your golf swing, and what about the fuel for your body?

    Are you giving your body the right fuel to play well on the golf course? Yes, we are talking a...
  • Buying Golf Equipment  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Getting the right equipment to play the game of golf is not that difficult. All it takes is for the person to look at the right place and getting value for one’s money. One can check the local directory or ask someone for directions on how to get there. Here are some tips buying golf gear:

    1. Before one starts buying, it is best to first check if that person has the budget for it. There are many brands available and this is sometimes the determining factor which will make...
  • Callaway Golf - Tips And Useful Information For The Avid Golfer Part 1  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Callaway Golf is one of the most respected names in the golf industry for its quality of products that cater to both recreational and professionals alike. As part of its efforts to give its customers the best, the company produced Callaway Golf Magazine and released its first issue early in 2004. Just recently, last November 2005, the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) of New York City’s University Club made the magazine the Bronze Award winner for Best New Publication.

    The m...
  • Basics Of The Game – Putting  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Putting is an essential, if not the most important, factor in playing golf. This is where the game is decided. Nerves of steel and lots of practice are needed to master the art of putting. Even professional golfers feel the pressure when it’s time to putt and the game is on the line. Here are some tips to learn and improve on your putting.

    First thing to do would be to take practice strokes next to the golf ball. This would help you feel the needed rhythm in putting the ba...
  • Being The Best Golf Player You Can Be  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Just like any other game, to be considered a good golf player goes beyond having an average score of below 80. While skill at playing the actual game is commendable, a holistic view is needed to achieve a well-rounded game.

    To play good golf, you have to get down past the three areas of:

    - fitness,
    - practice,
    - and etiquette.


    - Keeping one’s body and mind in shape is a key element to becoming a good, if not great, golfer. Looking after your body and mak...
  • Basics Of The Game – Driving  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Driving is one of the most important aspects of golf. A good drive will eliminate the need for chipping and for taking long putts. What you want is to lengthen your drive or give it more accuracy. Here are a few tips to start you off with driving.

    Proper grip is important in driving. If you grip your club too tightly, you might get too uncomfortable to make an accurate shot. If you grip it too loosely, then you might see your club fly along with your golf ball. What you wa...
  • 3 Tips On Buying Your Own Clubs  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Golf is a very addicting game mainly because you’re both relaxed and also in a competitive mood. You’re having fun, shooting at your own slow pace and now you’ve decided to start taking the game seriously. You want to improve your game, do things correctly. First thing you have to do is buy clubs. Here are some tips when buying golf clubs.

    Create Your Own Club

    Clubs can be custom-fitted according to your needs. One thing to remember is that it’s all about measurements. ...
  • The Ideal Golfing Trip  By : Rene Graeber -
    What is the ideal golfing trip?

    For some golfers the ideal outing would be going to a major course and getting to play on it, knowing professional golfers had played over this same course.

    What golfer would not want to play the course where the Master’s or U.S. Open is held?

    Most would almost kill (figuratively speaking) for the chance.

    These are courses where legends have played - players such as Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. (Yes, Woods can be considered a l...
  • Golf Balls –- The Science Behind The Dimples  By : Susan Chiang
    The dynamics behind the flight of the golf ball offers a fascinating insight into the physical interworkings of air pressure, turbulence, and aerodynamics.

    Dimples were first added onto golf ball surfaces back during the gutta percha phase. Coburn Haskell introduced the one-piece rubber cored golf ball encased in a gutta percha sphere. Then in 1905 William Taylor applied the dimple pattern to a Haskell golf ball, thus giving rise to the modern golf ball as we know it today.
  • How To Choose A Golf Fitness Trainer  By : Sean Cochran -
    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question during my travels around the country and world on the golf circuit; “Sean, I am looking for a golf fitness trainer in my area, what do you suggest?”

    Finding a golf fitness trainer for you, simply takes a little knowledge and time on your part.

    Bottom line there are thousands of fitness experts, personal trainer, instructors, and conditioning coaches available to you. Some are more qualified than ot...
  • Need Some Time Out: Get A Golf Vacation  By : John Rivers -
    Sometime along your golf games, it might have entered your mind to bark on a golf vacation but have never got started with it. To help you realize your golf vacation plans, here are some guidelines you can use:

    To start with, see if you can fit in your golf vacation with your schedule. By setting the right schedule, everything will follow

    Once you are totally decided to pack your things up, the next thing you should consider is your budget. From here on, you can have th...
  • Lower Your Score By Playing Position Golf  By : George Gabriel -
    Golfers have been trying hard to lower their scores by taking lessons, reading books and watching golf video lessons. This is definitely good and helps your game. What about playing position golf?

    Golfing for position has been a serious method of golf for a lot of professional golfers. Every amateur should really consider playing position golf as one of the most important strategies for a good round of golf. You should consider rethinking your strategy before you take out ...
  • How To Prevent Your Golf Swing From Breaking Down With Golf Fitness Exercises  By : Sean Cochran -
    It happens to all of us. We loose our golf swing, make some type of unknown modification in how we swing the club, and everything falls apart. What can we do to prevent our golf swing from leaving us?

    Remember this saying as you continue to read this article; “Proper Preparation Precedes Success and Confidence”. Think about this phrase for a moment and then keep reading.

    I write about this subject because of an e-mail I received from a fellow golfer. The e-mail read:

  • How To Correctly Weight Train For Golf Like Tiger, Vijay, And Phil  By : Sean Cochran -
    I often hear from amateur golfers about how training with weights makes them feel “tight” and it ruin’s their golf swing. Traveling on the PGA Tour I disagree with this point of view completely. It is well known that the top players on the PGA Tour; Tiger, Vijay, and Phil workout regularly. They praise the benefits of their workouts in the development of their golf swing. I am a first hand observer of what they do in the gym on the days they play.

    As a result, I see the re...
  • All For The Love Of Golf  By : George Gabriel
    Golf is supposed to be an enjoyable game. We golf over and over again, because we love the game. So why do we beat ourselves up, just before we get off the first tee box? Have you ever heard yourself with a bunch of negative emotions before the golf round?

    “Another day out on the golf course and my back is killing me.” Why would you even consider golfing, if it were painful? Why did those even consider golfing with a bad back? I’ll tell you why. All for the love of golf!


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