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  • Credit Cards: Why You Should Pay More Than The Minimum  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Credit cards are a great convenience, but it can be all to easy to let your debt slide out of control. Making only the minimuum repayments will make the situation worse, and this article explains why.
  • When Not To Use A Credit Card  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Credit cards are a convenient part of modern life, but unfortunately it can be all too easy to run up problem levels of debt. Knowing when card use is inappropriate will help prevent your card getting you into trouble.
  • Which Kind Of Credit Card Should I Choose?  By : Michael D. Strauss
    There are so many credit cards available with different features, it can be hard to decide which one to apply for. A simple way of narrowing the field is to base your decision on your spending habits, rather than being swayed by eyecatching advertisements promoting features you may not need.
  • The Best Credit Card Promotions In An Instant  By : Gloria Smith
    In today’s highly competitive society, it is normal to see service providers fight amongst each other in an attempt to retain their existing customer base and, at the same time, get others to use their services. Providers vying for the attention of the same target market need to come up with ways to
  • Simple Steps to Prevent Credit Card Fraud  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Credit card fraud costs hundreds of millions every year, and is a distressing and damaging experience for the victims. Fortunately, there are some simple ways of vastly reducing the chances of it happening to you.
  • Misconceptions about Colon Cleansing  By : Jason Uvios
    As the topic of colon health and colon cleansing gain currency a lot of misconception is doing the rounds. Since most people gather their information on colon cleansing from the net it is easy to be misled. This is because absolutely anyone can write on anything on the internet.
  • How Important Is Credit Card APR?  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Many credit card advertisements feature a low APR as the most prominent feature, but is that the most important thing with a card? There are many other benefits to consider, which might be more valuable than a low rate.
  • Is Cashback The Future For Credit Cards?  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Cashback is a feature of credit cards that is rapidly growing in popularity. Why is this and how could you benefit?
  • Get in Control of Your Credit Card Debt  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Using credit cards can make day to day life more simple, reducing the need to carry cash and making it easy to shop online and by telephone. However, spending with plastic can sometimes be a little too easy, and many people find their balances get out of control.
  • Types of Credit Card  By : Masni Rizal Mansor
    Specialty credit cards are other set of standard non-secure cards designed specifically for individual business users and students with unique and special needs.
  • Why A Balance Transfer With Your Credit Cards Makes Sense  By : Gloria Smith
    Many people have made the mistake of willingly (or unwillingly) racking up hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt. Even if they decide to pay more than the minimum and snip the offending cards in half in order to curb their desire to spend, the damage has been done.
  • Flat Rate Credit Cards  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Most credit cards feature different interest rates depending on how they're used. Purchases, balance transfers, cash withdrawals, introductory offers... the number of different rates can be confusing. Flat rate cards charge the same APR for everything, making it easier to keep track of how much your card is costing.
  • Is Credit Card APR All That Counts?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Choosing a credit card isn't simply a matter of going for the one with the lowest APR interest rate, you need to match the card to the way you spend. Getting it wrong can be costly, so how do you decide which type of card to apply for?
  • Getting a Credit Card with a Bad Credit Rating  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Paying by plastic is becoming ever more common, not least because of the rise of online shopping. How can people with poor credit ratings get approved for a credit card?
  • Credit Card Cheques - An Expensive Convenience  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Credit card cheques are touted by card issuers as a convenient way to use your account when cards aren't accepted, but it's not always made clear how much they cost.
  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Fees  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Credit card balance transfer offers were so popular that they ended up costing the credit card industry serious amounts of money. Something had to be done, so the balance transfer 'handling fee' was born.
  • Evaluating Balance Transfer Offers on Credit Cards  By : Tim Day
    When looking to get a new credit card, there are many things to watch out for.
  • Credit Counseling guide  By : Mansi gupta
    With the advent of credit cards, upcoming money lending organizations, online strategies to acquire instant cash etc., a steep rise is observed in the number of people running into debts.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief guide  By : Mansi gupta
    Now large sum of money, making timely and untimely payments anytime and anywhere, purchasing items online, making hotel reservations, borrowing money from organizations etc. is not a matter of much concern.
  • Minimum Monthly Credit Card Payments On The Rise  By : Ed Vegliante -
    It is estimated that more than 40% of Americans carry a revolving balance on at least one credit card. This is an enormous number, and it is caused primarily by the security people feel in making minimum monthly payments. When you charge money to your credit card, you are only required to make a small monthly payment to keep the debt from entering into collections, which means that a purchase made in 1995 might still be carried on a credit card in 2006.

    Under pressure from...
  • Simple Methods To Reduce Credit Card Debt  By : Peter J Kenny
    The best thing to do to see how you stand with your credit card and how much you are paying back to them each month, is to calculate your monthly earnings and then calculate what you can afford to put back into your credit card account.
  • The History Of Credit Cards  By : Ed Vegliante -
    The concept of credit is not new. In ancient Egypt and Babylon – more than 3,000 years ago – merchants bartered with currency and services in order to maximize their spending processes, often collecting what we now call “interest” on payments that were late or past due. Credit cards themselves, however, didn’t surface until the early 1950’s.

    American Express and the Diner’s Club were the forerunners in “plastic money”, and issued their first credit cards to fewer than 200 ...
  • Credit Card Common Mistakes - The Top Ten  By : Joseph Kenny -
    In no particular order, the following are viewed as being the top 10 common credit card mistakes:

    1. Applying for a card and limit you cannot afford to repay

    Most people have bad debt management skills and are swept away with the fact that they have ‘x’ amount of pounds as their limit. They rarely consider paying the card and have “maxed” the card out in a few months. They then spend years trying to repay the card!

    2. Applying for too many cards

    Not content with h...
  • What Are Supplemental Credit Cardholders?  By : Joseph Kenny -
    Have you ever been faced with the worry that your son or daughter is off to college and you want to give them access to emergency cash without having to give them the actual cash – which they’ll likely spend beforehand – but knowing by the time you wire the money to them the emergency may well be over? If so, you may well want to know what supplemental credit cardholders are!

    In short, supplemental credit cardholders are persons who you authorize to use your credit card ac...
  • Extra Options for your Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    One thing that many people opt for is a fee-paying credit card. This fee will be payable either annually or monthly, and you will have to pay it no matter how much or how little you use the card. Paying the fee will entitle you to certain benefits.
  • Making Sense Of Your Credit Card Statement  By : Debbie Dragon -
    Whether you are new to the world of credit cards, or a seasoned veteran, understanding the information in your credit card statement can be confusing. There is a lot of information packed onto a single page, and if you’ve never taken the time to review your statement in detail, it may be a good idea for you to do so. That way you are more likely to notice if there are any abnormalities with a statement that might indicate identity theft or merchant errors.

    The statement sh...
  • Credit Card Safety – Chip And Pin Not Enough  By : Mr Hanna -
    Credit cards and debit cards are viewed as relatively secure methods of making purchases; however as with any security measure there are people who will try to find their way around it. Various increasingly complex methods have been devised to access bank accounts by obtaining the consumer's details such as scanning and copying the electronic strip on the back of the card to create duplicates which can be used to siphon off funds.

    Chip and Pin was devised as a means of mak...
  • Adverse Credit Credit Cards  By : Joseph Kenny -
    As their very name suggests, adverse credit credit cards are an option available to those who have a bad credit history and, thus, credit rating.

    Why you may want to apply

    If you do happen to have a bad credit rating, then there is a strong likelihood that you’ll be successful when applying for one of these credit cards where you have been turned down when applying to the mainstream card issuers.

    Moreover, if you do have a bad credit rating, then applying for adverse...
  • Secure Your Credit Card Right Now  By : Peter J Kenny
    Most people will have a huge amount of funds available to them on their credit cards alone. In fact the average customer will often have as much as ten thousand pounds or more available to them instantly in the form of credit card debt.
  • Time To Start Using Those 0% Credit Cards  By : Peter J Kenny
    Probably the most common form of zero per cent for a credit purchase is on balance transfers. So if you find yourself paying a lot of interest on existing credit card balances, then you could look into transferring this balance onto a new credit card that offers you zero percent to do so. This has the potential of saving you hundreds of pounds in interest payments.
  • The Disadvantages of Student Credit Cards  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are disadvantages to having a credit card as a student however. The main disadvantage is that it is very easy to get into credit card debt very quickly.
  • credit card used by teens needs control  By : Devisri
    Credit & Debit cards are a way of an important perspective of an individual in the society. The proper use of credit card early in life can help build confidence and begin good financial decision-making that will ultimately provide benefits for living a good debt free life
  • Purchase Protection  By : Debbie Dragon -
    Most credit card companies provide purchase protection insurance for free, as an included benefit of owning their particular credit card. As competition among credit card companies is so fierce, creditors are attempting many different strategies in order to gain and retain loyal customers. Purchase protection insurance is one of the benefits a credit card company may offer that their leading competitor does not- in an effort to gain new customers and keep customers from "goin...
  • How To Get An Interest Free Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The first thing to remember in any case is that there are two main types of 0% interest that you will be offered and these are very different deals. The first will be 0% on balance transfers and the second will be 0% on purchases. It is needless to go into the difference between a balance transfer and a purchase but suffice it to say that there is a very significant difference and there will be many cases where one of these offers will be of great value to you while the other will be practically useless.
  • Earn Rewards Every Time You Use Your Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    One method that the credit card companies have been very keen to use to attract customers is by offering reward schemes and incentives. These schemes are generally targeted at the higher end of the market and wealthier customers and they will be of more interest to customers who usually pay off their entire credit card bills in full every month thus incurring no interest charges.
  • CreditCard Account - Be Clever With It  By : Steve Gee
    The world we live in today makes it more and more difficult to manage without a creditcard account. We are told that it is the safest way to buy things over the internet or abroad as purchases are often covered by insurance. We can use it to manage our budgets as there are several weeks between buying the goods and being charged interest on our purchases...
  • Money To Burn? Consider A Premium Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The amount you will have to pay for a premium credit card will vary enormously when you compare the offers from one credit card company to another. By and large, you should expect that the more you are paying for a premium credit card, the better the card will be and the more premium facilities and extra features the card will offer you
  • Secured Credit Cards  By : Debbie Dragon -
    When deciding upon what credit card is the best for you, don’t rule out secured credit cards. In fact, many people are finding secured credit cards to be the best option. Some people choose a secured credit card when they have had credit problems in the past, and obtaining a traditional credit card would be difficult if not impossible. Secured credit cards are great options for teaching your teenagers and college students about responsible financial spending. Secured credit c...
  • Credit Cards For Poor Credit - Secured Bad Credit Credit Cards  By : Carrie Reeder -
    Getting approved for a credit card with poor credit is difficult. Because of your low credit score, or no credit history, many credit card companies consider you a bad risk. Fortunately, there are ways around this problem. Obtaining a credit card with poor credit is doable. However, it's going to require a little effort and research. Here are a few tips for getting easily approved for a credit card with bad credit.

    Apply for a Retail or Gas Credit Card

    If no credit hist...
  • Bad Credit Credit Cards - Choosing The Right Credit Card  By : Carrie Reeder -
    If you have bad credit, your credit card options are limited. Aside from many credit card companies denying your application, individuals with bad credit usually receive very low credit limits and additional fees.

    When applying for a credit card, choosing the right card is essential. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a credit card.

    Take Advantage of Bad Credit Credit Cards

    Before applying for a major credit card with a bank, carefully consider your credi...
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Reduce Debt Without Bankruptcy  By : Carrie Reeder -
    Acquiring too much debt can put a major strain on a household. To eliminate debt, many people consider bankruptcy. With the new bankruptcy laws, it has become difficult for some people to eliminate debt. However, many will continue to qualify for bankruptcy protection. The effects of bankruptcy are long term.

    Before considering bankruptcy, it helps to explore solutions to debt elimination. Here are three tips that can help reduce debts.

    Limit Credit Card Use and Pay Mor...
  • Online Credit Card Use On The Up  By : Peter J Kenny
    The online spending trend is set to continue. More and more services are becoming available online, from online banking, financial services, applying for loans and mortgages, and a whole host of online business dealings, have made the internet probably far more important than the high street for many shopping needs.
  • Treat Yourself With A Rewards Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The credit card companies are looking for ways to make us spend more money with our credit cards and as the more we spend the more profit that the credit card companies will get. Interest rates are getting higher and do not forget the retailers as they charge them a fee of up to 2% on the amount that we spend in their premises.
  • Be Smart and Repay Your Credit Cards Quickly  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are few things in life that can cause as much long term strain and pressure as financial worries. Especially if you have children or a family to support, you will be very aware that failing to keep on top of finances is not an option.
  • Smart Credit Card Habits For Students  By : Peter Sissons -
    For credit card companies one of the largest groups of potential customers they chose to target each year is college students. Student credit cards offer young adults a way to cover expenses while attending school, something that is often easier said than done. By offering naïve college students, who have little to no prior experience with credit cards, a way to pay their bills and cover other expenses, credit card companies often find a number of eager new customers. However...
  • Frequent Flyer Credit Cards  By : Debbie Dragon -
    If you are a person who needs to travel often for business or personal reasons, you would probably benefit from using a credit card with frequent flyer benefits. Many airlines are currently offering their own credit cards to help travelers earn money towards travel tickets. Additionally, major credit card companies often have rewards programs in the form of “frequent flyer miles”, or discounts on flight packages, and sometimes even a buy one, get one offer for flight tickets....
  • Credit Cards - Are you Committed?  By : Barney Garcia
    Who hasn’t received a pre-approved offer of a credit card in the mail? They try to make you feel like one of the chosen few and you pause and wonder what you did to receive such an honor.
  • Credit Card Debt Help Online - Comparing Debt Consolidation Services  By : Carrie Reeder -
    Because of the many debt consolidation services available, those seeking credit card debt help may not know which agency to use. The key to locating the best debt consolidation service involves comparing various companies. Each consolidation service has separate criteria. Using the internet, research different companies and find a company that fits your needs.

    How Much Debt Have You Acquired?

    Some debt consolidation services prefer working with individuals who have amas...
  • 3 Ways To Get Approved For A Business Credit Card  By : Carrie Reeder -
    If you run your own business--whether it's a retail store, direct sales, hobby shop or freelance consulting--chances are you've thought about getting a business credit card. It's probably a good idea, since it makes it easy for you to separate your business expenses from your home expenses, a task that helps keep your paperwork organized and simplifies things at tax time. When you're ready to apply for a business card, follow this checklist:

    1. Choose a card

    Some cards ...
  • Climbing Out Of The Bottomless Pit Called: Credit Card Debt  By : Peter Sissons -
    Credit cards are actually a loan in disguise. They are not free money. If this golden rule is understood it would prove to be the first step towards avoiding the never-ending credit card debt. Taking a credit means taking a loan from someone who has extra at this time when you don’t. But this is the beginning of the credit card debt. Credit card debts come in handy while traveling and other expenses where cash is hard to find or hard to carry. Moreover it is good to have cred...
  • Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit – Quickly Increase A Low Credit Score  By : Carrie Reeder -
    Because bad credit credit cards include various fees and higher interest rates, some people are hesitant to open a bad credit credit card account. However, there are certain advantages to using these sorts of credit cards.

    For starters, if you have no credit history, bad credit credit cards are easier to qualify for. Similarly, these credit cards are perfect for raising a low credit score.

    Disadvantages of Having a Low Credit Score

    There are no advantages to having a...
  • Reduce Your Credit Card Debt  By : Peter J Kenny
    Credit card companies love the fact they we can only pay the minimum payment every month, why! Because they are raking it in while the interest rates are crippling us, so what started out as a small credit card bill could escalate into thousands
  • Managing your Credit Card Online  By : Peter J Kenny
    There are very few credit card providers operating these days who will not allow you to interact with the company through the internet. You can start right from the beginning with your first application online and then once you are approved you will also be able to manage your credit card account online also.
  • Instant Online Credit Card Applications Have Changed  By : Jeff Weber -
    Five years ago, a consumer could apply for a credit card and receive not only confirmation of approval, but also the card’s 16 digit number and expiration date in a matter of minutes. Getting a credit card online was truly an instant process. And an easy one. Especially for identity thieves, who could max out a person’s virtual credit card before the actual plastic arrived in the unsuspecting consumer’s mailbox. Problems such as these ultimately led to the phasing out of inst...
  • Real Price of a Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    The cost of most credit cards is calculated according to the stand annual percentage rate, or APR, formula used for all lending. This formula gives a uniform figure for calculating the cost of any credit or loan in the entire market place. Therefore, all credit cards have to tell you clearly what APR they charge.
  • Credit Card Security  By : Debbie Dragon -
    This is the age of plastic money. It's not uncommon for the typical consumer in the western world to go weeks at a time without ever handling a coin or bill. Everything we need is available to us with the simple "swik-swik' sound of a credit card sliding through a reader. Supplies for the office, flowers for the wife, meals and drinks out, and an endless supply of useful products available for sale through the Internet can all be bought with naught a cent to be seen.

    The ...
  • Credit Card Savings  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Having a credit card is very convenient since carrying a lot of cash becomes unneccesary and you might even have a hard time leaving your credit card at home. But with its advantages comes also its disadvantages. Since you can always buy things without carrying cash around, you are always tempted to buy something that you come across. If you have excellent control on your finances then good for you. If you have a hard time managing your credit card, then these pointers can he...
  • The Enticing Trap Of Credit Card Debt  By : Debt Consolidation Web Guide -
    It has never been easier for people to live well beyond their means than it is today. Credit is easy to obtain, and in a society obsessed with material gain, credit is sought and used on a basis that is so regular even financial watchdogs are beginning to sound warning bells. The average savings for the United States and Canada over the next few years are actually expected to go into the negative figures, as more people purchase what they cannot afford.

    One of the main con...
  • Prepaid Credit Cards.  By : Debbie Dragon -
    Prepaid credit cards are new twists on the popularity of plastic money. The name says it all. They are cards that function just like credit cards in nearly all aspects, but you have to pay the spending limit upfront. It's like a prepaid phone card you can use to buy anything at all.

    There are a lot of benefits to a prepaid credit card, as well as many different applications for the technology. The most obvious benefit is that you can't go over your limit. There is no such...
  • Credit Card Faq - Credit Card Security And Authentication  By : Joseph Kenny -
    With the ever rising reports of credit card fraud, fraudulent use, internet phishing and identity theft, people are rightly concerned about credit card security. Fraudulent credit card use can be an annoyance at best, and seriously damage your credit at worst. It's only reasonable that people have questions about credit card security and authentication methods. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about credit card security.

    1. How does the ATM or store ter...
  • Credit Card Basics – Understanding Five Main Credit Card Terms  By : Joseph Kenny -
    Credit cards are easy, right? You have a credit limit. As long as your balance isn't as high as your credit limit, you can pay for things with your credit card. When you pay for something with your credit card, you don't have to pay for it until later. You pay interest on your credit card balance and as long as you don't go over your credit limit, everything's fine.

    Well, not quite. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about credit cards - and their answers...
  • 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards Will Not Last  By : Peter J Kenny
    Have you ever been attracted to a credit card because it promises you an outstanding interest rate that seems just too good to be true? Most of us have at some stage jumped for one of these attractive offers.
  • Cash In With Your Cash Back Credit Card  By : Peter J Kenny
    Cash back credit cards are very attractive to customers and many will feel that they should just accept the first cash back credit card they are offered, particularly if they are in a position of paying off all of their credit card bill in full each month and therefore being best able to take advantage of a cash back offer
  • Student Credit Card Or The Bank Of Mom And Dad  By : Mike Avro -
    Student credit cards can be a quick and easy solution to an unexpected cash crunch. Lets say you work at a local hot-dog stand on weekends to help make ends meet. But the boss ran into a little gambling problem and couldn't pay you this week. But you bought a case of beer for the weekend and your last text book will finally be in at the bookstore on Monday (only a month late). This is an excellent situation to put a student credit card to use. You know you need the book, you ...
  • Money Management Tips For Students With Credit Cards  By : Lynne Birch -
    Keeping control of your money is one of the hardest lessons we have to learn as new college and university students. For many of us it is our first time away from home, and the first time we have to be truly responsible for all the financial affairs in our lives. Some get a handle on money matters faster than others. That's just the way she goes. But if you're not really all that sure where your money is going each month, here are a few things you may want to consider.

    I. ...
  • Credit Cards – Why Are They So Popular?  By : Joseph Kenny -
    Credit cards have ballooned in popularity over the last decade. While once the preserve of the very rich, or very indebted, they are now available to practically everyone who wants them. They have become far easier to get a hold of. There is also a huge variety of choice out there for anyone who wants a credit card.

    Different Types of Credit Cards

    There are exclusive cards that offer their holders a huge array of benefits in exchange for a fee. But there are also cards...
  • Student Credit Card Debt - How To Avoid It And Tips On Managing It  By : Lynne Birch -
    As new students head off to university and college each year they are presented with many challenges. Meeting new friends, encountering new ideas, and managing new responsibilities. Of these, perhaps it is managing money that is the most important. As a new student you'll find out pretty quick just how hard a weekend bender with the boys hits the pocket-book. So, once your head has cleared you may want to take a look at the following tips that can help any student manage thei...
  • How To Get Rid Of Your Bad Credit In Two Months  By : Jonny Goldmann -
    You were sure that you would get the loan that you applied for, but to your surprise, a bank turned down the loan. The bank explained to you that you have bad credit and they consider you sub prime. What, you may, ask is sub prime? Sub prime means that you have bad credit and score of less than 620 on the FICO scale / rating. This however doesn't mean that you can't apply for loans. There are many lenders and companies who specialize in lending to sub primers.

    Ways to get ...
  • Business Credit Cards Can Make You Money  By : Jeff Weber -
    Small business owners, more than any other credit card users, are in the best position to profit from their use of credit cards. Profit from credit cards? The idea may seem foreign, if not preposterous. However, the truth of the matter is simple: if you use your business credit card wisely and open a high yield savings account, your credit card can easily make you a few hundred dollars a month.

    Let's begin by discussing the types of small business credit cards on the marke...
  • Credit Card Debt Freedom Is Possible  By : Lucila Duchesne -
    Credit card debt have you drowning financially? You're not alone. The average American household carries $9,205 in credit card debt, according to CardWeb, an online industry tracker. Not managed properly, this debt can come to eat up all of your disposable income leaving little or nothing for bare necessities. Some people in this situation respond by charging more but that will only get you further in trouble.

    Fail to plan and you plan to fail

    There is this cliché that ...
  • Credit Card Balance Transfers - 0% Introductory Offers  By : Joseph Kenny -
    Balance transfers have grown in popularity and importance ever since lenders have started using zero per cent interest rates on balance transfers to lure consumers from other companies to their own.

    Introductory Offers

    These 0% balance transfer offers give the customer a very low, or zero per cent interest rate on any sum transferred from another credit card, over to them. If you are considering a balance transfer then there are two figures you should be aware of. The ...
  • Credit And Store Cards  By : Mark Lambie -
    Where once the choice of credit card in the UK was extremely limited, now there is a plethora of companies bombarding everyone with promises of low interest rates, balance transfers and cards which are a status symbol for the holder. In addition to this, most of the High Street stores now offer their own store cards, giving you credit to spend in their store or a chain of stores only.

    When you reach the checkout at a clothes store, for example, you are offered a reduction ...
  • Reward Or Cash Back Credit Cards – Maximising Your Returns  By : Joseph Kenny -
    If you are one of the lucky customers who pays off their entire credit card balance in full each month, then interest rates will not be of much importance to you. You pay no interest as you never carry any balance over from month to month. What may be of more interest to you is the loyalty or reward schemes that various credit cards offer and therefore you should be deciding on which card to choose based on this information.

    Pay an Annual Fee For Better Rewards?

    Some c...
  • How to Apply for a Credit Card Online  By : Russell Hughes
    There are many ways of applying for a credit card but comparison services let you compare all the options and apply online.
  • You're Being Forced To Make Higher Payments  By : J Schipper -
    Consumers already burdened by higher energy costs are being saddled with another drain on their finances : higher minimum credit card payments.

    The higher minimum credit card payments are the result of January 2003 guidelines issued by the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or OCC, regulates national banks and is concerned t...
  • Credit Cards Shamed Into Cutting Charges  By : Michael Challiner -
    The Competition Commission one of the governments watchdogs, has at last moved to shame credit cards in to cutting their charges. The long overdue move comes after the Commission concluded that the credit card industry was overcharging customers between £55 and £100 million each year through excessive interest rates and other charges. And this has been going on for a least 3 years!

    The main culprits by far are store cards where interest rates are as high as 30.9% - even th...
  • Understanding Your Credit Report  By : L. Sampson -
    Your credit report can be one of the most important pieces of information when it comes to your financial health. It is important that you have an understanding of all that it contains and how it relates to future credit you may apply for.

    Your credit report says a lot about you

    Your credit report tells a lender what kind of borrower you are. It tracks late payments, collection requests, and bankruptcies. It also tracks on time payments, loans that are paid off, and acc...
  • Help Your Small Business Succeed With A Credit Card  By : Jeremy Zongker -
    One of the many difficulties of starting a small business is gaining access to capital during the startup phase. With the large growth in small specialty businesses across the country, credit card companies are beginning to design special programs to help this new breed of business achieve success. For even those small businesses that have access to capital, the perks and benefits associated with small business credit card programs, can still be useful to help you compete mor...
  • Watch Your Mail Credit Card Offers Are Dangerous  By : Tim Renolds -
    Sure, free gifts are great. Who doesn’t want a free gift? But when free credit card offers come in the mail, we may feel like we’re the most important person in the world but we should be careful. When those free offers are from credit card companies, we may want to avoid signing up altogether and simply throw them out! The credit card companies like us because we have good credit. But it could be our financial ruin if we sign up for too many cards!

    This is because credit ...
  • Zero Percent Interest Credit Cards – How To Get Approved  By : Carrie Reeder -
    Zero percent interest is a very attractive credit card feature that gains a lot of attention. Although credit cards have the potential of becoming a dangerous tool, they do have practical uses. For example, credit cards allow easy transactions when purchasing items online. Furthermore, credit cards are great to have when having cash flow problems.

    However, because of high interest rates, many consumers avoid using credit cards. Fortunately, there is a way to take advantage...
  • Excessive Bank Account And Credit Card Charges Attacked As Unfair And Possibly Illegal  By : Mr Hanna -
    One missed credit card payment, or going overdrawn without permission, and suddenly a £30 charge can be incurred. Bank charges can seem unfair and too harsh given the frequently tiny amounts of unauthorized borrowing involved. Now it seems that the law could be in agreement.

    Following on from an investigation launched in October 2003, eight major credit card companies were told in July 05 by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that the charges they levy for late payments wer...
  • Guide To Gas Rebate Credit Cards  By : Joseph Kenny -
    Looking for a way to cut back on your gasoline expenses? You could learn to drive at 55 - the speed which most experts say is the most economical on gas. You could trade in your car for a model that guzzles less of the expensive elixir. You could leave your car at home 10% of the time.

    Or you could do your credit card purchasing with a credit card that offers you gas rebate rewards. With the cost of gas spiralling through the roof with a speed it hasn't had since 1972, ga...
  • Guide To The Right Credit Card  By : Joseph Kenny -
    It’s everywhere you want to be. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. Don’t leave home without it. Credit cards are everywhere – and their slogans make it clear. In the past decade, more and more companies have jumped on the credit card bandwagon to provide ‘affinity’ credit cards, branded credit cards and credit cards that offer rewards for their use. You can get cash back, cash donated to your favorite charity, cash in on your credit spending with airline miles and tanks...
  • What is an Affinity Credit Card?  By : Russell Hughes
    You can help support your favourite charity by taking out an affinity credit card. When you get the card the charity receives a one-off payment and every time you make a purchase the charity receives a donation.
  • Fake Credit Card Numbers Mean Safer Online Shopping  By : Doug Smith -
    Isn't That Illegal?

    Yes, using credit cards fraudulently is illegal. This article is absolutely not suggesting that you make up and use a credit card number. You should also never use credit cards belonging to other people.

    Below is a summary of new services the credit card companies have created to make online credit card use more secure.

    How Does It Work?

    It is more appropriate to use the terms "temporary credit card numbers" or "single-use credit card numbe...
  • Credit Cards Watch Out When Using Your Credit Card Abroad  By : Michael Challiner -
    Going on holiday or business to Spain, France or Italy this year? Then watch out for a new ploy to overcharge your credit or debt card.

    Many restaurateurs and retailers in these countries now have the facility to get you to authorise your bill in euros but then they recharge your card in sterling. That sounds innocent but there's a sting in the tail. The retailers charge you an additional service fee of up to 4%! The system is called dynamic currency conversion (DCC).

  • Credit Cards – The European Credit Card Sting  By : Michael Challiner -
    Traditionally, using plastic abroad has always meant big charges. Things are a lot better these days, but they have taken a downward slide again in some European countries, as they get the option to add an extra charge to your bill.

    In France, Italy and Spain, many of the bigger restaurateurs and retailers have a system called DCC – dynamic currency conversion. It means they can convert your payment straight into sterling for you, at the till. This may sound tempting, but...
  • Compare Business Credit Cards And Save Money  By : Robert Willard -
    Today's business owners are able to take advantage of the incentives offered to them by applying for business credit cards. Whether it is a large or small business, having a line of credit is crucial and business owners need to compare business credit cards to determine whether or not they fit their business needs. In retrospect, by determining which card is in line with an owner's business, he or she is actually making one of the most valuable decisions a business owner can ...
  • Credit Cards For College Students - Finding The Best Available  By : Robert Willard -
    Student credit cards are geared primarily toward college students. But there are many factors that can make a credit card the right choice for a college student. Therefore, it is important for consumers to first learn about each type of available card and then choose the one that is best for them.

    Secured credit cards are one type of card for students to consider. These cards are funded in advance of purchases and do not actually extend a line of credit in the form of a lo...
  • Instant Approval Credit Cards Online  By : Will Roberts -
    Instant approval credit cards are those that generally do not require special requirements to be met in order to receive membership to the card. Often, these cards can be applied for, and approved, entirely online. There are many advantages to instant approval credit cards that make them particularly attractive to many consumers.

    An instant approval credit card online application is simple to complete. All of the necessary information required by the credit card company ca...
  • Finding The Best Reward Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts -
    Reward credit cards come in a variety of forms. Specifically how points toward rewards are earned and the types of rewards that can be earned with a reward credit card varies from card to card.

    The rewards offered by reward credit cards are generally related to a special area. For example, some reward credit cards allow cardholders to earn points when making purchases at gas station, supermarkets, or drugstores. The rewards earned are often related to this in some way, suc...
  • Credit Card Cheques Branded A “Rip-Off” By Financial Protection Agencies.  By : R.Green -
    The Office of Fair Trading has issued a demand for a change in the law restricting the use of credit card cheques. These cheques have been around for about 10 years and are designed to allow people to transfer funds into another of the cardholder’s accounts or make payments using their credit card accounts without the use of the card itself. They have however come under fire for a variety of reasons and are widely disliked by both financial watchdogs and the public alike.

  • Finding The Best Cash Back Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts -
    Cash back credit cards provide fantastic opportunities for those that carry them. For every purchase a cardholder makes with one of these cards, money rebates are earned. This makes cash back cards potentially profitable for those that take the time to choose the best cash back credit cards and who use them properly. When looking for the best cash back credit cards, it is important to take several things under consideration.

    One area to consider when searching for the best...
  • Guide To The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts -
    Balance transfer credit cards make an excellent choice for consumers looking to transfer a balance from a higher interest rate credit card to one with a lower interest rate. In this way, the consumer can save money by reducing or even eliminating finance charges. When looking for the best balance transfer credit cards, it is important to look at a variety of factors.

    The APR is one of the first factors a consumer should consider when looking for the best balance transfer ...
  • Cheap Credit Cards  By : Will Roberts -
    Cheap credit cards come in many varieties. In addition, there are many factors a consumer needs to take into consideration when determining whether or not a credit card is truly cheap.

    The first factor most people consider when looking for cheap credit cards is its APR. The APR, or annual percentage rate, determines the amount of finance charges that will be added to the account if the balance is not paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. Therefore, the lower the A...
  • Credit Cards For Adverse Credit History Applicants  By : Joseph Kenny -
    The simple fact of life today is that in many situations credit cards are vital. It is extremely difficult to rent a car for instance if you do not have access to a credit card in your own name. Also, shopping on line is not very easy at all if you do not have a credit card. While many websites will accept debit cards, if you are trying to book a hotel abroad or buy from any website based abroad, it can be next to impossible to find a payment method other than credit card. Th...
  • What are the Best Credit Cards in the UK?  By : Russell Hughes
    There are many different types of credit cards in the UK and knowing which is the best for you can sometimes be quite confusing. Moneyeverything.com help you find the best card by comparing the best options side by side.
  • Miles Credit Cards: Getting The Most Out Of A Frequent Flyer Credit Card  By : Jeff Weber -
    Airline miles credit cards are among the most popular types of rewards credit cards. However, only a handful of frequent flyer miles credit cards provide great rewards and value. The reason for this is quite simple: most airline specific credit cards charge astronomical annual fees and high interest rates. Now, if you travel often and spend more than $10,000 a year, just about any airline credit card will earn you miles. However, if you want to get free miles, airline flexibi...
  • Advanta Business Credit Cards: A Closer Look  By : Ed Vegliante -
    The credit card wars continue to heat up and that spells “good news” for consumers. Despite rising interest rates, many issuers are continuing with their popular 0% introductory APR plans, giving new card holders a great way to save money and pay off their debts. One issuer, Advanta, has thrown the gauntlet down and is now offering an extremely low APR on balances until the debt is paid off. Let’s take a look at three Advanta offerings to find the one that has the best advant...
  • Save On A Credit Card – Transfer Your Balance  By : Peter Kenny
    Start saving cash on your credit cards and transfer you outstanding balance to a credit card that offers a 0% deal.

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