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  • Used Car Loan Value And How It Can Impact Your Bottom Line  By : Sarah Williams -
    New cars are an expensive investment. Come to think of it, all cars are an expensive investment. But new cars are even more expensive compared to used cars. And with today’s present economy, lots of nervous folks have come to see the better sense in buying used cars as opposed to buying a new one.

    A new set of wheels could cost you around $21,000 plus. Already, this is a big financial commitment even in the best of times. But what about when times are tight? Can you still ...
  • Donating To Charity On A Budget  By : Cheryl Johnson -
    I always feel guilty that I can't give to charity more than I do. But, honestly, my budget is trimmed down to the bare minimums and our income just meets those obligations with pennies to spare. Still, I feel that I should be giving something. After all, I know that there are other families struggling much harder than ours to simply provide the very basic needs of survival.

    You need only to look at your budget to see that our society places a high price on the very basic ...
  • Budgeting For Emergency Funds?  By : Edwin Shackleford -
    Emergency funds are considered to be a necessity as far as financial security is concerned, since it can provide one with financial resources that one can resort to and depend on when an emergency arises such that when one is sick and have the burden of paying huge medical bills, or unexpected home or major car repair.

    When one has no emergency fund, one can be obliged to acquire debt on your credit card that might take several years to repay with interest that would late...
  • How To Save For Retirement – Even When Money Is Tight!  By : Kris Bickell -
    So, you want to save for retirement, but you’re having enough trouble paying your bills every month?

    Now what?

    How can you possibly find enough money to save for the future when the present is difficult enough?

    If this sounds familiar, then here are a few suggestions to help making saving money easier. Not necessarily easy – when money is tight, saving is probably not going to be easy. But at least it can be a little bit easier.

    For this to work, you first have to...
  • Budgeting When Your Paycheck Varies  By : Terry Rigg -
    How can you decide how much you have for bills and expenses when your paycheck varies from one payday to the next? That's a question a lot of people struggle with.

    A few of the occupations that I can think of off hand that could fall into this category are waitresses or waiters working for salary and tips, truck drivers that are paid by the mile and never know how many miles they are going to get, the self-employed that their business income varies from season to season, a...
  • Budgeting in Spain  By : Justin Aldridge
    Not everyone retiring or emigrating to Spain has the funds to lead a millionaire’s lifestyle in Marbella. On the contrary, many people have the intention of leading a more simple life, even along the Costas.
  • The True Cost of the Holidays  By : Thomas Martucci
    The holidays are now behind us, all the presents have been exchanged and opened and the decorations put away for next year.

    Like a ton of bricks, it hits us!
  • Your Budget And Rising Petrol Prices  By : Melanie Carne -
    If you have a mortgage and are not struggling with the increasing cost of petrol … you are in the minority. And if you aren’t struggling now, how will you fare when the flow on effect of high petrol costs starts to increase the cost of living across the board. For many Australians the question of how to cover all their bills and maintain a decent standard of living for their families will soon become a pressing one.

    As you struggle with this challenge, you may discover tha...


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