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  • How Your Allergies Can Benefit From Hepa Filters  By : Bianca Bartegi -
    Hepa filters are the most effective air cleaning systems sold for home use. They are used in hospitals and doctors recommend them above other air filtration systems for patients with asthma or severe allergies. They arenít energy efficient for whole house filtration systems due to the amount of energy needed to run them. For this reason, most are intended to treat one space. You may need to purchase one for the bedroom and another for the living area.

    Hepa is an acronym fo...
  • Living With A Food Allergy  By : Joe Goertz -
    Living with a food allergy can be a daunting experience. Many people have a food allergy which ranges from mild to severe. There are people who experience a light red rash after eating something they are allergic to while others can face death if they even touch the food that causes their allergy.

    A very common type of food allergy is to eggs. Many children develop this food allergy when they are infants. The parents have to be conscious of each and everything the child c...
  • What are Allergies?  By : Jack Smith
    Considered as one of the major disabling illnesses, allergies afflict more than 40 million people in the in United States alone. As you know, our immune system protects our body from all types of foreign substances and dangerous microorganisms, called antigens, like viruses, bacteria etc.
  • Types of Allergies  By : Jack Smith
    People who suffer from allergies of a specific type are usually prone to allergies from various other substances. These substances, called allergens, range from common indoor household substances like dust particles, mold and mildew, pet dander, chemical emissions from cleaning agents, to biological organisms found in carpeting and furnishings.
  • Treatment of Allergies  By : Jack Smith
    Does your head feel like itís stuffed with old socks? Do you feel like you canít stop itching your eyes and is your nose running like a leaky tap? Donít worry youíre not alone. You are probably one of the 20 million Americans who suffer from hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis. So what could have set off this allergic reaction? More importantly, how can allergies be prevented or controlled?

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