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  • What Is Affiliate Marketing And Can I Get Rich Using It?  By : Matt DeAngelis -
    Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is the Internet version of commission sales. You make a deal with a company where they agree to pay you some amount of money to display some type of ad to visitors at your site to get them to go to the companyís site and do something.

    That something may be as simple as clicking on the ad itself (Pay Per Click), identifying themselves to the advertiser for further action (Pay Per Lead), or getting the visitor to buy something, either on the s...
  • Step-By-Step Guide To Start Earning Money From Affiliate Programs And Home Based Business  By : Vincent Yeoh -
    Affiliate programs and home based business are, without a doubt, the fastest way to make money in the World Wide Web. There are countless affiliate programs on the Internet today, and each of them would more than welcome the addition of your name.

    The principle behind affiliate programs is quite simple. You will only have to pre-sell the products of an affiliate merchant. For every sale that can be traced through your referral, you stand to earn a generous commission that...
  • Earning Money With Affiliate Programs  By : Kenny Anderson -
    You've probably heard of affiliate programs. Companies use affiliate pograms to sell their products. The most common way for making money online with affiliate programs is through posting a link on your website. When a customer clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

    There are many advantages to making money online with affiliate programs. Startup costs are minimal. The only money you spend is to promote the product, whether through a website or ot...
  • Five Quick Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Business  By : Kenny Anderson -
    We all know that there is so much misinformation about the best strategies for affiliate marketing success. To level the playing field a bit, the following are five ways most experts would agree are the most cost effective ways to expeditiously boost your affiliate business pursuits. So, with no further ado, here they are!


    If you give visitors a good reason, they will actually work for you! Think of a product or service that you can...
  • Keyword Elite , The Ferrari Of Keywords Research  By : Peter Vermeeren -
    In order to find the right tools to research high paying AdSense keywords, it is important to know what information you want o know about keywords. It would be just great if there were a tool that told everyone exactly what Google pays for each keyword, but that doesn't exist and anyone who creates such a tool is certain to be barred from Google forever because it is a clear violation of the terms and conditions of having an AdSense account to reveal any income information to...
  • Join A Web Hosting Affiliate Program To Make Money Online  By : Andrew James -
    Website owners, have you considered joining a web hosting affiliate program to bring in a new profit stream to your website?

    If you currently host a website, joining a web hosting affiliate program can make you significant money when used intelligently, plus you can easily recoup the costs of bandwidth and server space. Web hosting affiliate programs are easy and free to join - all it takes is a few referrals in order to bring in new income.

    There are also companies su...
  • Merchants Earn More After Affiliate Marketing  By : Peter Garant -
    An attraction of affiliate marketing is the savings that the merchant will gain when he no longer conducts his own advertising and publicity. Some merchants, who already have a well-established affiliate marketing program, no longer bother to conduct any activity that will lead to more sales. Such may not impair the current sales of the online business, but it failed to tap into another avenue of selling that can increase the revenue of the online business.

    Thus, the merch...
  • Affiliate, Discover Why You Are Losing $600 Each and Every Month!  By : Mouloud Siaci
    Affiliate! Secure Your Links from Being Bypassed!
  • Make More Money In Affiliate Marketing  By : Peter Garant -
    Affiliate marketing benefits both the online business and the affiliate. With affiliate marketing, an online business will have an increase in traffic on the website, and, consequently, generate more sales. With affiliate marketing, an affiliate can earn money just by referring visitors to the website of the online business. Each client visit is converted to an agreed amount for the affiliate. But, does this happen often?

    Some affiliates who have been involved in affiliate...
  • No Website Needed To Make Extra Income  By : Kenneth Echie -
    Are you looking to make extra income online but you don't have the experience or capital to start your own online business? You need not worry. There are a lot of online marketing options available to you. One of them is affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing provides newbies like you the chance to make money online without having your own product to sell. All you need to do is to sign up with an affiliate marketing program. This program is usually owned by an online mer...
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs: Join The Ranks Of The Super Affiliates  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Affiliate programs are the perfect way to optimise your website and to subsidise any income. Depending on the amount of work that you are willing to do to maximise your personal sites visitor count, the awards for being an affiliate are boundless. Through advertisements, emotive language and word of mouth you can create real interest in a website and if that site also carries affiliate advertisements, you could be in line for some substantial financial rewards. Even if you do...
  • Sports Betting Affiliate: Benefiting From The Success Of Online Sports Betting Webites  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Gambling has always been a popular pursuit, from the introduction of money as a method of measuring wealth, greed and the sense of thrill has driven millions of people to risk ruin. Today gambling has become a way of life for millions of people worldwide. A large contributing factor in the modern explosion of gambling can be attributed to the introduction of the interactive realm of the Internet. The new online generation was able to access gambling sites and games for the fi...
  • Casino Affiliates: Profit With Successful Online Affiliate Programs  By : Blake Stevenson -
    The explosion of the Internet as a popular resource and commercial opportunity has thrown the doors open to a variety of industries and jobs. Some are individual to the Internet whilst others have been adapted from real life business. With a larger worldwide audience and 24 hour culture the new industries have thrived and developed numerous subsidiary businesses. Possibly the most extraordinary success outside of the retail world occurred within the gaming industry. Gambling ...
  • Casino Affiliate Programs: Backing The House As A Casino Affiliate  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you have ever fallen foul of losing at online games and at the casino tables of the virtual and real worlds, you may want to get a measure of revenge. Without sabotage or any other extreme revenge, any person with online access can actually choose to work with the casinos rather than against them, in order to earn money. Rather than risk your own money in order to gain from the casinos, through affiliate programs you can actually earn in conjunction with the casinos. As an...
  • Four Questions Before You Look For Affiliate Programs  By : Matt DeAngelis -
    Iíve been receiving emails from people asking for my advice on which affiliate programs are the best, who pays the most and most often, and many other basic questions. Iíd like to answer those questions on this forum, but I can only type so fast.

    I went out this weekend looking for content that I could publish here temporarily while I got down to writing. I had a hard time finding unbiased content. Most of the so-called reviews out there are infomercials, and thatís not w...
  • Affiliate Programs...When Only The Best Will Do!  By : Ken Saint -
    As most of us know there are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet selling all sort of different things.It is a great way for sellers to market their wares, just get affiliates to sell for you and pay them a commission,usually anything from 20% to 50% of the asking price.

    It is also a great way for people looking to make money online. Just become affiliates. Becoming an affiliate is usually free and easy to get started and in a lot of cases there is help given by...
  • How To Choose The Best Affiliate Programs To Promote  By : Melanie Mendelson -
    There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. Selecting the best affiliate program to promote is not an easy task. If you start promoting wrong affiliate programs, you can waste a lot of time, money and effort. Here are the factors that you need to consider in order to choose those affiliate programs that are right for you:

    1. Demand

    Is there a demand for this product? To put it simply, do a lot of people want this product? Do you know what type of people would b...
  • Casino Affiliate Program: Building Your Websites  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you have been struggling to work out why so many people are making money from the Internet and wonder how you can do likewise, you could do no better than joining an affiliate program. Unlike the so called 'get-rich-quick' schemes you may have read about or even signed up to affiliate marketing is one of the few to be proven to be successful time after time. There are no gimmicks, no risks and best of all no money to part with. All that is needed is a website, a subject an...
  • Promoting Your Casino Affiliate Site To Make It Successful  By : Blake Stevenson -
    The role for any affiliate is to maximise the amount of people that come through their site and ultimately follow the links to external websites. If people don't click on the links the affiliate marketer makes so money, thus making it in their best interests to make the visitors follow their links. Without people clicking on them the affiliate makes no money and depending on the type of site they have designed, whether specifically to produce money as an affiliate or to just ...
  • Poker Affiliate Website Optimization: 3 Steps To Success  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Attracting visitors to your site is effectively half the battle. But when you are trying to create a successful and more importantly a profitable affiliate-marketing site. If you design a site dedicated to something as competitive and as popular as online gaming or more specifically virtual poker, you must be sure that your site is not only unique but gives the impression of being a successful and legitimate site. If the site fails to make visitors click on it's links and ful...
  • Casino Affiliate Program: Make Money From Your Site  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you are a website owner and have not yet signed up to an affiliate program, then you are missing perhaps the greatest opportunity to make money online. Depending on the aspirations of you or your team and your site is dependent on how much money you can make. Affiliate marketing is the easy way to make your website work for you, without any of the hassle of selling products or buyer contact. All that is required is that you insert a few advertisements on your site, way for...
  • Building An Empire As An Online Casino Affiliate  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Making money through a casino affiliate program is like so many of the progressive jackpots that the games on the casino sites advertise. The prize is built up over time and dedication, not simply won on the first roll of a dice or spin of a wheel. Affiliates like the casinos and other successful sites on the Internet must first build up a large customer base in order to harbour any hopes of earning serious money. But that customer foundation never happens overnight, it is so...
  • Earning Money As A Poker Affiliate: Rewarding Patience  By : Blake Stevenson -
    The cleverest thing about becoming an online poker affiliate is the way in which your earnings can spread and increase over time. Unlike in most industries where you may get a one of payment or percentage of a single transaction, in the online poker industry the affiliate can receive a percentage of a player's lifetime money. Estimates suggest that the average poker player lasts around 6 months on a site, but depending on the people you can attract the amount of money generat...
  • Poker Affiliate Secrets: How Poker Affiliates Generate Commissions  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you're a website owner and you've noticed that a lot of other sites have advertisements and yours doesn't you're probably wondering why. You might also wonder what do they do? Why are they there? Do they make money from them? The truth is that these advertisements more often than not mean that the site owner is a part of an affiliate scheme. Whilst they may sound like a bit of a longshot and an unlikely earner the truth is actually very different. Webmasters all around the...
  • Can You Build An Opt-In Niche List With Adwords?  By : Steve Schwartzman -
    Something has really gotten under my skin, and I can't sit back and let it go any longer!

    You see, people used to build e-mail lists in many niche markets through pay per click search engines such as Google Adwords. Now, Adwords has gotten a bit tougher to use, and thus, building an e-mail list in any niche market has become tougher as well...

    ...But it's still one of the best ways to build an e-mail list in any niche!

    I repeat, pay per click (PPC) search engines su...
  • Work From Home - Affiliate Programs  By : Bradley Carson -
    With the high costs today it's a necessity for many families to have two incomes. If you're in such a situation, you might want to consider the possibility of being a work at home parent. The decision to work from home may come swiftly for you once you see how much it costs you to hold your present job.

    So you have a $25,000 to $50,000 a year salary; but, after expenses, how much do you have left in spendable income? Sit down and figure out how much it costs you for gasol...
  • Internet Marketing Affiliates: Earn Ongoing Commissions As A Super Poker Affiliate  By : Blake Stevenson -
    The Internet is clogged up with get rich quick schemes, some work, some fail spectacularly. For users who are looking to choose a system, a scheme or just to get ideas there so many to choose from. But the problem with all schemes is that there is always a catch, a small problem that makes them high maintenance or risky. One of the biggest failsafe schemes is as simple as adding an advert to a personal website. There are no catches, no expensive start-ups and best of all very...
  • Poker Affiliate Programs: Profitable Promotion Tactics For Generating Commissions  By : Blake Stevenson -
    For Website owners new to the concept of affiliate schemes, it is a simple transaction. In exchange for advertising on your site leading to sales or new customers, companies are willing to pay you for the privilege. Just a small advertisement on a site can lead to a substantial amount of money in your bank account.

    Numerous online industries are willing to pay handsomely for new customers simply because there is so much to be made in return. One of the biggest new online i...
  • Online Poker Affiliate Program Marketing: Poker Affiliates Generating Large Incomes  By : Blake Stevenson -
    The online poker gaming industry has been subject to an unprecedented growth rate. Where poker was once a game played between friends around a table in a backroom, the online revolution has freed up the game and made it an accessible, interactive experience. Huge daily tournaments, different table sizes and quirky tools have made online poker a vastly different derivative of the original rigid card game.

    Many of the common skills in reading players is lost through the face...
  • Become A Poker Affiliate: Generate Income From Your Website  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you own a site without advertising you are wasting a huge investment opportunity. Online companies are clambering for extra advertising space on small websites throughout the World Wide Web. Why not add a little profit to a personal site and make it work for you?

    Becoming an affiliate is not guaranteed moneymaking venture so don't give up the day job just yet. But if you own a Website it can offer you a small subsidiary revenue. Becoming a poker affiliate is one of the...
  • A Long-Term Strategy For Securing Affiliate & Joint Venture Details  By : Alice Seba -
    If you want star affiliates in your market to join your affiliate and promote your products, you really have to go out and find them. You can certainly promote your affiliate program on your own website and to get people to sign up, but the best results come when you go out and find your own joint venture partnersÖand it sounds like you already understand that.

    You can find potential partners by finding websites that:

    - Have good website traffic
    - Have decent sized ema...
  • The Newbie World of Affiliate Programs  By : paul16442
    Affiliate programs for newcomers - how to avoid some of the pitfalls.
  • Making Money Online with Affiliate Programs  By : Michael Hehn
    You've probably heard of affiliate programs. Companies use affiliate pograms to sell their products. The most common way for making money online with affiliate programs is through posting a link on your website. When a customer clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission.
  • Setting Up An Art Affiliate Site - Part 3  By : Jeremy Zongker -
    The phrase "If you build it they will come" definitely does not pertain to websites. Getting visitors to your site is easy; doing it in a way that is profitable is very difficult and takes a lot of work. This is the most difficult and most critical phase to operating a profitable art affiliate site or any website for that matter. There's no magic formula to follow, but in the sections below you'll find some key pieces of advice that will greatly increase your odds of succeedi...
  • Multiply Your Sales Through Affiliate Programs  By : Michael Hehn
    What could be better than exceeding your personal sales goals for a given month or year? How about doubling, tripling or even more of you sales goal for the month? This is exactly what affiliates can do for you. The amount of growth potential through affiliates is unlimited; the more affiliates you have the more money you can make, after all, if Sam Walton tried to run every Wal-Mart store, he obviously wouldnít be very successful.
  • The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing  By : Dana Goldberg -
    Affiliate marketing on the internet seems to be everywhere. There are so many sites that a person can sign up to receive bonuses from referring other people to the site that it seems that everyone is involved. This can lead to a lot of websites having more links to other sites than actual content, just to earn money from their affiliate marketing.

    However, the idea of an affiliate is not a new one, and is by no means reserved just for the internet. There have long been ass...
  • Affiliate Marketing: Know The Can-Spam Act  By : Daniel Detlaf -
    The amount of false information available about e-mail marketing on the net is staggering. If you are advertising your affiliate program through e-mail campaigns, make sure you know what your responsibilities are.

    The lawless days of spam e-mail are over, at least for U.S.A. based advertisers. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) sets forth specific requirements for advertising via e-mail. The law has been tested...
  • Setting Up An Art Affiliate Site - Part 2  By : Jeremy Zongker -
    Step 4 - Choose a Domain Name

    This sounds like an easy step, but you may soon find it can be surprisingly difficult. As mentioned before the majority of your traffic will hopefully come from search engines. To rank well in search engines one of the key factors is to obtain a domain name that includes one or more of your keywords. This can be a real problem because YourKeywords.com is most likely already registered. You can start by going to a domain registrar such as Go Da...
  • Affiliate Programs: How To Choose The Best Program To Market  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Major advances have been made in e-commerce and have given birth to one of the easiest ways of generating income online, marketing affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs available for making money on the internet. If you are a website owner, promoting products and services through affiliate programs can be an excellent way to monetize your traffic. If you don't already own a website, you can still make money with affiliate programs.

    A good affiliate program ...
  • Things you should know about Affiliate Marketing  By : Tomas Anderson
    An article describing challenges of affiliate marketing and providing some tips on how to get started.
  • The Best Way To Make Good Money From Your Website Using Affiliate Programs  By : Jonathan White -
    Have you got a website that is not making you much money? Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, ďwhatís the best way to make some good money from my site?Ē If so, then this article should give you some ideas of how to make more money from your site.

    There are thousands of different types of sites online, but most of them are online for one reason and one reason only and this is to make money.

    So how can you make money from your website?
    Making money from any ...
  • Affiliate Tip Ė Create A Free Ecourse  By : Nell Taliercio -
    Free ecourses are a win-win situation for both you and your visitors. The ecourse is a great way to capture your visitorsí email address and provide them with content that they were looking for while also offering your affiliate products repeatedly.

    Your visitors will appreciate receiving the information they were looking for in their inbox every few days.

    An ecourse is generally a series of 5 to 7 related articles on a particular topic that you load into your autores...
  • Poker Affiliate Marketing Strategy: PPC Advertising  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Using PPC advertising to promote your poker websites is a great internet marketing strategy. PPC advertising allows you to instantly send traffic to a site, no matter how old the website is or how well it is optimized for the search engines.

    PPC stands for "Pay Per Click" and has become a very popular online advertising technique. PPC advertising involves bidding on advertising space and paying only when a visitor clicks an ad and visits the advertisers website. Pay per cl...
  • Poker Affiliates: Use PPC Ads For A Traffic Boost  By : Blake Stevenson -
    As a poker affiliate, you should always be on the lookout for ways to generate more player sign ups. PPC advertising is one such technique that can deliver in this area. Here is a quick rundown of exactly what PPC advertising is and how it can benefit your poker affiliate marketing business.

    Pay per click advertising is a search engine marketing technique that involves bidding on keyword phrases and paying a fee when visitors click on the ads. Here are some of the benefits...
  • How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program  By : Zamri Nanyan -
    Being an affiliate or a partner to promote an online program can be as easy as a 1-2-3. You fill up a form and a second later, an affiliate code is generated and you are ready to go. But, not all affiliate programs are the same. Therefore, you have to ask questions first before you join any program. Do a little research about the choices of program that you intend to join into. Get some answers because they will be the deciding point of what you will be achieving later on.
  • How To Get Started With Poker Affiliate Programs  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Welcome to the world of poker affiliate programs, an online home based business that can generate massive ongoing residual income with little or no startup costs. Getting started as an online poker affiliate is not hard, you simply need to know the important steps to take. Here is a list of the first things that you will need to do to get on started on the right track.

    1. Get a Domain Name - Register a .com domain name that you would like to begin promoting poker from. It ...
  • Poker Affiliates: Optimize Your Websites For Search Engine Traffic  By : Blake Stevenson -
    If you're an online poker affiliate and are building a network of websites, it is very important that you optimize your sites for the search engines. Search engine traffic is a very powerful promotion tool to have at your disposal and if you know how to harness it's power, you'll be able to provide your business with a dramatic boost. When optimizing your poker sites, here is a checklist of some key things to remember...

    1. Pick Your Keywords Wisely - Targeting keyword phr...
  • Poker Affiliate Programs Marketing: How To Get Started  By : Blake Stevenson -
    There is no single right or wrong way to begin poker affiliate programs marketing because everyone is different. There are many, many different approaches to promoting online poker rooms and your individual tastes, interests, goals, and skills will play a big part in determining how you begin.

    No matter which poker affiliate path you choose to take, the important lesson to take away from this article is to constantly focus on building your network of websites, doing things...
  • Affiliate Marketing: How Affiliate Programs Add Value To Your Site  By : Blake Stevenson -
    In the last few years, webmasters have discovered that affiliate marketing can be an extremely lucrative way to earn additional revenues from their sites. Now, a purely informational website that doesn't sell anything can generate massive revenues by adding recommendations to products and services via online affiliate programs.

    Signing up for affiliate marketing programs can be a very effective way of paying for webhosting fees and bandwidth, domain names, and the time it...
  • Affiliate Networks: A Basic Overview Of This Powerful Marketing System  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Affiliate marketing networks are an outstanding way for websites to increase their customer base in a cost efficient manner. By building a network of affiliates, a business can tap into an extremely large number of independent contractors who will actively promote their products and services in exchange for a commission. Affiliate networks have the potential to greatly boost sales for both online and offline businesses.

    An excellent example of an affiliate network is Amazo...
  • Overview Of Online Poker Affiliate Programs  By : Blake Stevenson -
    An online poker affiliate marketing program is a very effective business model and marketing technique where a poker room pays affiliates a commission for referring poker players to their website. The affiliate simply signs up for the affiliate program and then receives a unique affiliate marketing ID that they can use to market the site. Most poker room affiliate programs provide banner ads, content, bonus codes, and other types of promotional material that their affiliates ...
  • Poker Affiliate Program Internet Marketing Tips  By : Blake Stevenson -
    Once you have made the decision to become a poker affiliate for an online poker room, it is very important that you turn your attentions to internet marketing techniques. Marketing your poker affiliate business through the use of internet marketing tactics is one of the easiest ways to generate a massive income with poker affiliate programs.

    Though many people may not view being an online poker affiliate as a real business, it is most definitely a viable way to create seri...
  • Overview Of An Affiliate Marketing Program  By : Sandra Stammberger -
    An affiliate marketing program is a revenue-sharing marketing strategy where a merchant pays their affiliates a commission for referring business to their website. The webmaster signs up as an affiliate in the affiliate marketing program and gets a login id. He then collects information about the marketing material for the affiliate marketing program and uses it on his web site as banners, ad- links and search boxes. If a visitor to the website is interested in one of the aff...
  • Affiliate Tip Ė Create A Newsletter  By : Nell Taliercio -
    The average person has to be exposed to a product seven times before he makes a decision to buy. What does that mean to you as an affiliate marketer? You need to be able to get the product you are offering in front of your visitors repeatedly. One of the best ways to do this is by getting the visitors of your website to sign up for a newsletter.

    By capturing their email address and getting them on your newsletter list, you can keep bringing them back to your site. You wil...
  • Affiliate Tip Ė Build A Website  By : Nell Taliercio -
    One of the first things you should do as an affiliate marketer is to build you own website. Yes, you can market affiliate programs without it by adding links to your email or signature file on message boards, but you will be very limited in how much you can earn this way. Building a website allows you to expose the products you are promoting to a much larger audience with less effort.

    Decide on a Topic

    Your first step is to decide what you would like your website to be...
  • How To Market Affiliate Programs On Ebay  By : Ali -
    Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer!

    Are you familiar with Affiliate Marketing? If that phrase is new to you I suggest you get the book "The Super Affiliate Handbook" by Rosalind Gardner. Here is a link to the book. http://www.i4unow.com/sah.asp

    In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is selling a product that belongs to someone else. If you make a sale, you get paid a commission.

    So how can you do this on eBay? Most people tell me you can't.

    But you can and I've been doin...
  • How To Start Your Own Affiliate Program  By : Stephen Pope -
    1. Why Start Your Own Affiliate Program?

    Multiple web sites and distributors selling your product can result in increased sales and profits. Unlike conventional advertising, affiliate programs pay only for performance. Commissions are not paid out unless sales are made.

    Also, with many more web sites linking to yours, your link popularity is sure to increase in search engines, resulting in additional traffic and income.

    2. Combine a Merchant Account with Your Aff...
  • Which Affiliate Programs Do I Personally Recommend?  By : Tim Knox -
    I personally receive over a dozen checks and commission payments every month from various affiliate programs that I promote.

    Last month, those checks totaled more than $10,000 and some months they have been as high as $25,000.

    Given my success as an affiliate marketer, I'm often asked what affiliate programs I personally recommend.

    The answer is easy because it's actually a pretty short list.

    First, let me explain what an affiliate program is.

    Affiliate prog...
  • Dear Affiliate Manager: Are You Hoarding Your Articles?  By : Nicole Dean -
    Question: My affiliates keep bugging me about my articles. Why do they want my articles and should I let them have them? What do I get out of it?

    Dear Affiliate Manager,
    You hit on my pet peeve. Stop hoarding your articles already! Do you want your affiliates to promote your program repeatedly to their lists and on their sites or donít you? Isnít the goal to get your website exposure all over the internet? The more sales your affiliates make Ė the more money youíll BOTH m...
  • Dear Affiliate Manager, 7 Ways To Tell If Your Affiliate Program Stinks  By : Nicole Dean -
    Question: Why arenít my affiliates promoting my affiliate program? And, how do I get more to sign up?

    Dear Affiliate Manager:

    I can tell you in a heartbeat whether or not your affiliate program is attracting loyal, motivated affiliates. Itís easy. Just put yourself in your affiliateís shoes. If youíre not creating loyalty in your affiliates, theyíre going to look for a better program to promote, and youíll be left in the dust.

    Now that Iíve got your attention, letís...
  • Dear Affiliate Manager, Can You Make That Brandable?  By : Nicole Dean -
    Question: Why are my affiliates asking for brandable reports? How am I supposed to manage that?

    Dear Affiliate Manager,
    What tools are you providing to your affiliates? If itís just a standard button or text link, youíre only doing half your job. Not only is it less productive for you to have a group of affiliates half-interested in promoting your product, but itís just irresponsible to have an affiliate program without helping your affiliates to make money.

    You heard ...
  • Dear New Affiliate, Be Picky When Choosing Affiliate Programs  By : Nicole Dean -
    Question: How do you choose an affiliate program to promote? There are so many out there. Which ones are good?

    Dear New Affiliate,

    There are several ways to determine whether an affiliate program is worthy. Oftentimes it looks like the Affiliate Manager has all the power, but this is a partnership. There really are thousands of programs available. Donít sign up and promote just any of them. If you arenít completely thrilled about the program, look 5 more minutes and you...
  • Can The Internet Businesses Survive Without Affiliate Marketing?  By : John Woon -
    What is an affiliate program? Iíve been bombarded with this question from Internet business newbies since I got myself involved in this very interesting but challenging
    online business.

    Many years ago, ever since we started manufacturing products for sale in the offline physical world, we had been having sales agents representing different manufacturers to help the latter to expand their markets. The agents conclude sales without carrying inventory, handling payments, si...
  • Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy And Mesothelioma? Adsense Myths Discussed.  By : Chuck Crawford -
    Everywhere I turn these days Iím seeing ads for websites being sold proclaiming that theyíve optimized that particular site for an outrageously priced keyword, such as Mesothelioma (a cancer of the lungs caused by asbestos). In fact, Iíll bet that if you did a search at this very moment on EBAY, you would find at least one auction for such a website, probably claiming that youíll make thousands of dollars a month with it if purchased. But donít send them that Paypal payment j...

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